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COMPILATION VIDEOS NOW ON DVD: All Compilation Videos (except for CV19) are now available on DVD. These are 'best of' tapes made from scenes from WPW videos prior to #266. For most of them, there are 5-10 women posing in bikini or one-piece in contest shape. At this time you will have to consult our old flyers, etc, to know who all the women are on the compilations, but shortly we will expand this store page with guide photos.
CV-1 CV-1-1
CV-1 Janice Ragain, Tonya Knight, Tara Dodane, Athena, Lisa Lorio, Janet Tech/Diane Talik (all bikini/leotard posing)
CV-2 CV-2
CV-2 Claire Furr, Deanna Panting, Janice Ragain, Cory Everson, Leny Tops, Mishay Santos, Anja Langer, Kay Baxter (all bikini/leotard posing)
CV-3 CV-3-1
CV-3 Hannie Van Aken, Nikki Fuller, Shelley Beattie, Tazzie Colomb, Denise Rutkowski, Kris Luebke, Peggy Bertelsen, Kathy Moore, Elaine Craig, Kelley Pehrson, Dorothy Herndon ( all bikini leotard posing)
CV-4 CV-4
CV-4 Liz Karp, Cyndie Meintzer, Debbie Muggli, Melissa Dick, Mary Ellen Campo, Skye Ryland, Chris Clausen, Cheryl Rath-Rivers, Betsey Hoffman, Erin Maldonado (all bikini/leotard posing)
CV-5 CV-5
CV-5 Valerie Basilone, Negrita Jayde, Susan Myers, Joan Bovino, Rhonda Lundstedt, Janice Graser, Charla Sedacca, Mary Messite, Kim King, Monica Bozicevich (all bikini/leotard posing)
CV-6 CV-6
CV-6 Kay Reich, Karen Rodrigues, Lori Sarkisian, Mona Krause, Cyndi McGowan, Denise Duffield, Rita Hatch, Tania Hnatishion, Crystal Pember, Karen Theriault, Sue Springsteen, Samantha Madsen, Karen Pica, Debbie McKnight, Cathey Compton-Smith (all bikini/leotard posing)
CV-7 CV-7
CV-7 Paula Piwarunas, Sherry Thompson, Tami Stark, Lupita Lugo, Suzanne Tigert, Liz Lopez, Julia Kover, Diane Carideo, Kelley Riley, Georgia Fudge, Cyndie McGowan, Claudia Mountford-Wagner, Illona Pagan, Marci Fraser, Sandy Ridell, Chris Adams (all bikini/leotard posing)
CV-8 CV-8
CV-8 Della Wagon, Bernie Price, Raye Hollitt, Hannie Van Aken, Marissa Brown, Jane Phillips, Eve Ripoli, Shari Venturi, Brenda Herrera (all bikini/leotard posing)
CV-9 CV-9
CV-9 Renee Casella, Nina Melidosian, Tommie Moreau, Joan Lauth, Chris Porter, Linda Bevelander, Judi Benz, Donna Barrentine, Phyllis Padur, Dorothy Herndon, Karla Nelson, Claudia Profanter (all bikini/leotard posing)
CV-10 CV-10
CV-10 Diana Dennis, Juliette Bergmann, Sharon Arrildt-Marvel, Joanne McCartney (all bikini/leotard posing from several sessions)
CV-11 CV-11-1
CV-11:1 Diana Dennis, Joanne McCartney (dress posing from several sessions)
CV-11-2 CV-11-2
CV-11:2 Sharon Arrildt/Marvel, Janice Ragain, Juliette Bergmann (dress posing from several sessions)
CV-12 CV-12
CV-12 Denise Rutkowski, Tommie Moreau, Joan Lauth, Cathey Compton-Smith, Peggy Ouwerling, Juliette Bergann and sister Leona Bergmann, Mimi Hitzman (off season
posing, mostly in leotards)
CV-13 CV-13
CV-13 Virginia Brady, Mona Krause, Vicki Sims, Doughdee Marie, Sharon Marvel, Claudia Mountford-Wagner, Mary Messite, Athena, Kim King, Skye Ryland, Chris Clausen, Lori Fetrick, Marie Lena, Tami Imbriale (off season posing in different outfits)
CV-14 CV-14
CV-14 Lenda Murray, Kris Luebke, Deanna Panting, Raye Hollitt, Kathy Moore, Tara Dodane, Cyndie Meintzer, Tazzie Colomb, Nikki Fuller, Shelley Beattie, Kim Robinson, Jody Osborne/Adams (off season posing in different outfits)
CV-15-1 CV-15-1
CV-15:1 Strongest gymwork, featuring Shelley Beattie, Kris Luebke, Doughdee Marie, Vicki Sims, Virginia Brady, Cyndie Meintzer, Cathey Compton-Smith
CV-15-2-1 CV-15-2-2
CV-15:2 Strongest gymwork, featuring Marie Lena, Joan Lauth, Sharon Marvel, Mary Messite, Julia Kover, Kim King, Athena, Nikki Fuller
CV-16 91 different contest routines from top national shows from 1987-1989
CV-17 Finals of three 1990 contests- Junior Nationals, US Championships and Nationals (60 different stage routines)
CV-18 Finals of three 1991 contests- Junior Nationals, US Championships and Nationals (more than 50 different stage routines)
CV-19 'Preview Tape', featuring about one minute each from all available WPW videos from WPW 74 through WPW 235
CV-20 CV-20
CV-20 Christa Bauch, Gabi Spuhn, Jennifer Greenbaum, Ursula Teply, Paula Suzuki, Kim King, Lenda Murray (bikini/leotard posing)
CV-21 CV-21-1
CV-21 Paula Bircumshaw, Kim Chizevski, Judy Moshkoski, Astrid Falconi, Dawn Whitham, Laurie Fierstein, Etta Timmerman, Karla Nelson, Laura Vukov, Leilani (bikini/leotard posing)
CV-22 CV-22
CV-22 Joanne Lee, Debbie Muggli, Skye Ryland, Sue Price, Errica Kern, Sharon Marvel, Rhonda Jorgenson (bikini/leotard posing)
CV-23 CV-23
CV-23 Diana Dennis, Ray Hollitt, Heather Tristany, Zuzana Korinkova, Vicki Lestanko, Yaxeni Oriquen, Melissa Coates, Annie Rivieccio, Gina Mezzaroba-Hall (bikini/leotard posing)
CV-24 CV-24
CV-24 Sharon Bruneau, Laura Bass, Lori Adams, Betty Pariso, Carey Hensely, Santa Monica Souza, Janet Tech, Theresa Nabors, Lucy Wightman, Meral Ertunc (bikini/leotard posing)
CV-25 CV-25
CV-25 Tina Lockwood, Kelly Kight, Donna Mangano, Juliette Bergmann, Colette Guimond, Kati Rubos, Thea Bennington, Kim Walters, Jacqui Til (bikini/leotard posing)
CV-26 CV-26
CV-26 Donna Mangano, Sharon Marvel, Rhonda Jorgenson, Tazzie Colomb, Vikki Scaafe, Tina Lockwood, Chris Bongiovanni, Doughdee Marie, Kris Luebke, Jennifer Greenbaum (off season posing, mostly in leotards)
CV-27 CV-27
CV-27 Karla Nelson, Judy Moshkoski, Sue Price, Robbie Bryant, Astrid Falconi, Etta Timmerman, Laurie Feirstein, Diana Dennis, Dawn Whitham, Melissa Coates, Theresa Nabors, Anita Ramsey (off season posing, mostly in leotards)
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