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Women's Physique World (WPW) has been producing print magazines, videos and DVDs, and color photos since the late 1970's. All of our video/DVDs are now available on this ONLINE STORE, and we will continue to download our print magazines so you can read them here online. In addition, we are now beginning to post PHOTO GALLERIES of current competitors.
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Available WPW Print Magazine Issues
1996-1998 ISSUES, $5.00 EACH & 1999-2006 ISSUES, $6.00 EACH

WPW Magazine May/June 1996 Issue

Issue #53 WPW May/June 1996

1995 NPC Nationals, Renee O’Neill, 1995 Canadian Nationals, Deborah Dinah, Lisa Jamison, Lucy Wightman, Peggy Schoolcraft

WPW Magazine July/August 1996 Issue

Issue #54 WPW July/August 1996

The 1995 IFBB World Amateurs, Women’s Steel Rose, Denis Masino Pictorial, Anne Whalen, Judy Miller, Deborah Compton, Evolution F, The 1995 NABBA Universe, Melinda McNabb, Sherry Meyer

WPW Magazine September/October 1996 Issue

Issue #55 WPW September/October 1996

The 1996 Emerald Cup, Sherry Morin, Lora Ottenad, Shelly Paolinetti, The 1996 Ms. International, Sabine Froschauer Pictorial, 1996 B.C. Championships, Stella Hall, Renee Johns, Armwrestler Chrissy Baliko

WPW Magazine November/December 1996 Issue

Issue #56 WPW November/December 1996

The 1996 NPC Junior USA, Donna Restivo, 1996 Canadian Cup, Karen Smith, Whatever Became Of…., The NPC California, Lesa Lewis, Debbie Minsky, The Forgotten Ms. O, A Legman’s Lament, O.J. Heller Farewell

WPW Magazine March 1997 Issue

Issue #57 WPW March 1997

The 1996 NPC Junior Nationals, Amy Pazzo, The 1996 NPC USA Championships, Heather Foster, Dawn Brainard, Shown’ Off – Pictorial, WABBA Europe 1996, Jonna Amato-Ocampo, Michelle Ivers

WPW Magazine June 1997 Issue

Issue #58 WPW June 1997

1996 Jan Tana Classic, The 1996 Canadian Championships, The 1996 NPC Nationals, 1996 Ms. Olympia, The 1996 IFBB World Amateurs, NPC Steel Rose, NPC Team Universe, The 1996 IFBB North American

WPW Magazine September 1997 Issue

Issue #59 WPW September 1997

The 1997 Ms. International, Andrea Izard, 1997 Emerald Cup XV, Legs in Limbo, Susan Myers, Strong & Shapely Returns, Amelia Hernandez, Summer Kalish, Ronnie Lipari, 1996 NPC Ironmaiden, Donna Bramble

Strong & Shapely Magazine October 1997 Issue

Special Edition – Strong & Shapely – October 1997

Gea Johnson Profile, Sharon Hulse Profile, Luciana Mendonca Profile, Theresa Hessler Profile, 1997 Ms. Galaxy Contest, Milamar Flores Profile, The History of Fitness, Michelle Bellini Profile, Toni Bolla Pictorial, 1997 NABBA World Figure Championships, Annette Blondeau Profile, Fashionable Muscle

WPW Magazine December 1997 Issue

Issue #60 WPW December 1997

British Columbia Championships, Jodi Michaels Profile, Marianna Komlos Profile, The Canada Cup – 1997, Dayana Cadeau Profile, Ocean Bloom Profile, Che Swagger Profile, 1997 NPC California, Vancouver’s Strongest Woman, Barbara Moran Profile, 1997 NPC Junior USA, Tania Crabbe Profile

WPW Magazine March 1998 Issue

Issue #61 WPW March 1998

The 1997 NPC USA Championships, Christi Wolf, 1997 NABBA Worlds, The 1997 NPC Junior Nationals, Debi Laszewski, Women’s Extravaganza, Chris Bongiovanni Pictorial, Dr. Chris Lydon

WPW Magazine June 1998 Issue

Issue #62 WPW June 1998

The 1997 Jan Tana Classic, NPC Nationals, 1997 IFBB World Amateurs, Denise Masino Profile, Collin Fischer Profile, 1997 Canadian Championships, 1997 Ms. Olympia, Inna Uit Profile

WPW Magazine September 1998 Issue

Issue #63 WPW September 1998 – 15th Anniversary Edition

Magazines and the Muscular Woman, The 1998 IFBB Ms. International, Marnie Fargo Pictorial, 1998 NPC Junior USA, Tami Wooden, 15 Years….A Look Back, Jacqueline de Gennaro Pictorial, Dawn Riehl, 1998 NPC Palm Springs Muscle Classic, 1998 NPC Emerald Cup, Rae Najeebe-Mokhtari

WPW Magazine December 1998 Issue

Issue #64 WPW December 1998

1998 NPC USA Championships, Magazines and the Muscular Woman Part 2, 1998 NPC California, 1998 NPC Junior Nationals, 1998 NABBA Worlds, Raquel Velasco Pictorial, Trish Swander, Kim Harris, The 1998 BC Championships, Flash Report, Book Review: Women of Steel, Laurie Noack, Bethany Howlett, Chris Bongiovanni Pictorial

WPW Magazine March 1999 Issue

Issue #65 WPW March 1999

1998 IFBB North American, Denise Hoshor, 1998 Jan Tana Classic, Kelly Felske, NPC Teen- Collegiate- Masters Act, Mother/Daughter Muscle Act, 1998 NPC Team Universe, 1998 NPC Southern States, Mary Yockey, Lauren Hart

WPW Magazine June 1999 Issue

Issue #66 WPW June 1999

1998 IFBB World Amateur Championships, The NPC Women’s Extravaganza, 1998 IFBB Ms. Olympia, 1998 NPC National Championships, Denise Gerard, Stacey Seaver, Amanda Blank

WPW Magazine September 1999 Issue

Issue #67 WPW September 1999

1999 IFBB Ms. International, Michele Maroldo Profile, 1999 NPC Emerald Cup, Wynne Hendry Profile, Laura Binetti Pictorial, Christine Envall Profile, England’s Thomas Sisters, 1999 Junior USA, Amy Rainaldo Profile, Lisa Dulovic Profile, Karen Taucher Pictorial

WPW Magazine December 1999 Issue

Issue #68 WPW December 1999

1999 NPC Junior Nationals, Sherry Smith Profile, Vonda Kline Profile, The Jan Tana Classic, The IFBB Pro World Returns, Bethany Bryan Profile, A Pro World Retrospective, Tonie Norman Profile, 1999 NPC California

WPW Magazine March 200 Issue

Issue #69 WPW March 2000

1999 NPC USA Championships, Iris Kyle Profile, 1999 IFBB North American, The NPC Nationals, 1999 Canadian Championships, Raejha Douziech Profile, 1999 British Columbia Championships, The Pro Women’s Extravaganza, 1999 Ms. Olympia

WPW Magazine June 2000 Issue

Issue #70 WPW June 2000

1999 IFBB World Amateur Championships, Lisa Aukland Profile, 1999 NPC Ironmaiden, Dee Nesch Profile, 1999 British Championships, 1999 Australian Championships, Carol Quarles Profile, 1999 Ms. Natural Olympia, 1999 NABBA Universe, 1999 Women’s Extravaganza, Danet Seely Profile

WPW Magazine September 2000 Issue

Issue #71 WPW September 2000

The 2000 NPC Emerald Cup, Sheila Bleck Profile, 2000 NPC Junior USA, Sherma Dillard Profile, 2000 Ms. International, Strike a Pose, Debbie Kruck Profile, Muscle at the Museum, Lindsay Mulinazzi Profile, Cynthia Bridges Profile

WPW Magazine June 2001 Issue

Issue #72 WPW June 2001

2000 IFBB European Championships, Heather McCormick, 2000 NPC Junior Nationals, Makeba Moore, Carol Gibson, Lois Smucker, The NPC California Championships, Beth Roberts

WPW Magazine December 2001 Issue

Issue #73 WPW December 2001

Karina Nascimento, Gina Farnsworth, Dawn Sutherland, Dawn Principe, Debbie Bramwell, Stacy Garonzik, Colette Nelson, Lisa Bavington, Heather Hulseberg, Nursel Gurler, Peggy Schoolcraft, Lesa Lewis, Dawn Riehl, Elena Seiple-Perticari, Angela Debatin, Kristi Oakley, Kelly Tekin, Michelle Tuggle, Annette Glover, Tracey Greenwood, Jayne Trcka, Kim Harris, Christine Fetzer, Renee Toney, Debbi Auer, Pauliina Talus
The 2001 NPC Junior USA, 2000 IFBB World Amateurs, 2000 NPC USA, 2000 Jan Tana Classic, 2000 NPC Nationals, 2000 Ms. Olympia, 2000 Canadian Championships, 2000 NPC Team Universe, 2000 NPC Southern States

WPW Magazine May 2002 Issue

Issue  #73 WPW May 2002

Pam Wentz Profile, Elaina Monroe Profile, The 2001 NPC USA, Rikki Rife Pictorial, Camillia Lipscomb Profile, Joanna Thomas Profile, Pauliina Talus Profile, Stacy Simons/Celeste Chance, Trudy Ireland Profile, Karen Tucker Profile

WPW Magazine August 2002 Issue

Issue #75 WPW August 2002

Christine Roth, Lisa Aukland, Sue Scheppele, 2001 Women’s Extravaganza, Powerlifter Sue Rinn, NPC Nationals, Sophie Duquette, Theresa Annecharico, Tonia Villalobos, Jodi Michaels, 2001 Jan Tana Pro Classic, 2001 Canadian Championships, 2001 Ms. Olympia

WPW Magazine April 2003 Issue

Issue #76 WPW April 2003

Rosemary Jennings, Sarah Dunlap, Yaz Boyum, Yaxeni Oriquen/Fannie Barrios, Heather Lee/Bernadette Perez, Teri Mooney, Jody May, Christy Clausen, Laura Lewis, Vickie Vincent, Jeannie Paparone, Jennifer Kaylor, Myriam Bustamante, Brenda Osborne, Cat McKee, Alley Miesch-Nie, Michele Burdick, Heather Foster, Marlene Harden, Dianne Solomons, Betty Viana, Heather Policky, Jodi Miller, Kim Scheideler, Heather Darling, Sheila Bleck, Susanna McKee, Gamble Bryon, Melissa Stevens, Cheryl Overman, Dina DeMauro/Aretha Straughan, Tina Ponchillia, Bethann Wondrak
The 2002 NPC USA, The 2002 NPC Junior Nationals, The NPC Emerald Cup, The 2002 NPC Junior USA, IFBB Pro Southwest USA, NPC Contra Costa, NPC California, NPC Orange County Muscle Classic

WPW Magazine August 2003 Issue

Issue #77 WPW August 2003

Bonny Priest, Janine Payne, Sheron Kestler, Jill Kolivoski, Audrey Letourneau, Louise St. Pierre, Nadya Castellas, Marnie Power, Debbie Leung, Carmen Unger, Shelly Yakimchuk, Christine Roth, Sophie Duquette, Sonya McFarland, Gina Davis, Lindsay Mulinazzi, Mary Lynne MacKenzie, Brooke Novac, Shannon Nuessle, Nuriye Sener, Kim Rogers, Sondra Faas, Gabriele Mayer, Margarita Belinskaya, Lori Hayden, Asa Lotbom, Eva Pogacnik, Lara Temereski, Stephanie Park, Juliette Bergmann
Lenda Murray Wins Seventh Ms. O, The 2002 NPC Nationals, The 2002 GNC Pro Cup, The 2002 Canadian Championships, The 2002 IFBB World Amateurs,  The 2002 Jan Tana Classics

WPW Magazine December 2004 Issue

WPW December 2004

Carri Ledford-Baldwin, Sherry Smith, Christi Carro, Mary Elizabeth Hobbs, Christine Sabo, Petra Walk, Susanne Bock, Klaudia Larson, Julia Simon, Rebekka Armstrong, Gerri Deach, Yamile Marrero, Kris Murrell, Carina Dupree, Dena Westerfield, Vicki Nixon, Sabrina Gibson, Amanda Dunbar, Amanda Swallow, Jonna Ocampo/Danielle Hollenshade, Nicole Pitcher, Cindy Johnson, Shawna Walker, Yvonne Edmunds, Helena Jenkins, Amber Black
2004 NPC USA Championships, 2004 Ms. International, 2004 NPC Junior USA, 2004 Pro Southwest, The 2004 NPC Junior Nationals, The Hottest Icelandic Girls, The 2004 NPC Emerald Cup, The Night of Champions – 2004, 2004 NPC California

WPW Magazine August 2004 Issue

WPW August 2004

Michelle Davis, Tonya Williams, Linda Cancel/Jennifer Turner, Melanie Thompson, Theresa Moore, Lori Emory, Nekole Hamrick, Helle Nielsen, Jeannie Paprone/Joanna Thomas, Colette Guimond, Sheila Bleck, Gina Davis, Lauren Powers, Sheilahe Brown, Anne Sheehan, Sondra Faas, Sheron Kestler/Angie Rojas, Cheryl Overman, Christine Moore, Norma Nieves, Sharon Kouvaras, Anna Level, Helen Bouchard, Christine Roth, Autumn Raby, Pam Howard, Nicole Ball, Shelly Yakimchuk, Nadia Nardi, Jody Wald
Ms. Olympia 2003, 2003 NPC Nationals, Jan Tana Classic 2003, A Bodybuilders Collage, Muscle IN Fitness, 2003 IFBB World Amateur Championships, 2003 Canadian Championships

WPW Magazine April 2004 Issue

Issue #80 WPW April 2004

Karina Nascimento, Shannon Dey, Misty Yi, Terri Harris, April Boyer/Stacy Jensen, Kate Brown, Beverly DiRenzo, Mimi Jabalee, Becky West/Paula Schaffer, Amy Neal, Patty Farrow, Angie Semsch, Dena Westerfield, Kristy Hawkins, Emery Miller, Amy Rainaldo, Lisa Bickels, Barbora Mrazkova/Zdenka Razymova, Patty Garner/Rebecca Wheeler, Nyala Edwards, Tammy Hamner, Jeannie Paparone, Malissa Robles, Abby Eyre
The 2003 NPC USA Championships, 2003 Ms. International, The 2003 NPC Junior Nationals, The 2003 NPC Emerald Cup, The 2003 Night of Champions, The 2003 NPC Junior USA, The 2003 NPC California, Gayle Olinekova Farewell, Coming up in WPW, This ‘n That in WPW

WPW Magazine April 2005 Issue

WPW April 2005

Gina Davis, Emery Miller, Louise St. Pierre, Autumn Raby, Robin Parker, Deniz Odar, Meral Ertunc, Amanda Swallow, Mindi O’Brien, Dawn Principe, Lorena Cozza, Kelly Felske, Kaylie Perry, Rhonda Dethlefs, Johanna Dejager
The 2004 Ms. Olympia, The 2004 NPC Nationals, The 2004 Canadian Championships, From Decades Past, The 2004 IFBB World Amateurs, The 2004 GNC Show of Strength, The 2004 IFBB North Americans, The 2004 NPC Team Universe, The 2004 IFBB Nordic Championships, Radiant Pro Strength Show –2005

WPW Magazine December 2005 Issue

Issue #82 WPW December 2005

KC Inlow, Robin Parker, Becky West, Millie Cleveland, Cynthia Schafer, Yvonne Edmunds, Christina Goree, Tamara Finley, Melissa Dettwiller, Andrea Hurwitz, Debi Stern, Christina Summers, Sandi Grant, Shelly Yakimchuk, Gerri Deach, Chevelle Hallback, Dana Capobianco, Shannon McKenzie, Jody Coy, Denise Gerard, Flavia Crisos, Dara Trager/Jessica Oscroft, Jennifer Delano, Juanita Laudette/Nathalie Abellan, Lisa Massimini/Julie Peavy, Cherie Loomes/Jennifer McNew, Sherrie Agius, Danielle Smith, Alison Jones, Corry Matthews, Angela Debatin
The 2005 Ms. International, The 2005 New York Pro Championships, 2005 NPC California, 2005 NPC Emerald Cup, Salute to Mary Ellen Jerumbo, The 2005 NPC Junior USA, A Farewell to Fannie Barrios, The Passing of Ursula Bukanes Henry, The 2005 NPC Pittsburgh, The 2005 NPC Orange County

WPW Magazine Spring 2006 Issue

Issue #83 WPW Spring 2006

Karen Zaremba, Nicole Ball, Mimi Jabalee, Tatiana Tennille, Debi Lazewski, Rebekka Armstrong, Tatiana Anderson/Carmen Tocheniuk, Loana Muttoni, Tazzi Colomb Tribute, Krista Smith, Vicki Nixon, Bettina Kadet, Autumn Raby, Heidi Hansen, Sharon Mitola, Gabi Nicander, Liza Larence, Adrienne Blewitt
2005 NPC Nationals, Ms. Olympia 2005, IFBB Charlotte Pro Championships, The 2005 NPC USA, The 2005 IFBB North American, Europa Super Show 2005, The 2005 Canadian Championships, 2005 Alberta Provincials, The 2005 NPC Junior Nationals, IFBB World Amateur Championships 2005

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