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Women's Physique World (WPW) has been producing print magazines, videos and DVDs, and color photos since the late 1970's. All of our video/DVDs are now available on this ONLINE STORE, and we will continue to download our print magazines so you can read them here online. In addition, we are now beginning to post PHOTO GALLERIES of current competitors.

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Women's Physique World (WPW)
"For The Best In Women's Bodybuilding"

The Women's Physique World (WPW) Company has been publishing print magazines since the late 1970's. We were there at the first shows held in Canton, Ohio, where Gina LaSpina became the sport's first title holder, and were there for Lisa Lyon's only contest in 1979. We were there to cover Rachel McLish's first big win in 1980 and continued from there to document the sport through the 1980's, 1990's and into this century. We photographed Cory Everson when she was still a young Cory Kneuer in her early 20's right through her string of Ms. Olympia titles. We photographed early stars such as Lisa Elliot, Laura Combes, Kay Baxter, "Pillow", Georgia Fudge and Carla Dunlap, and attended every Junior USA, Junior Nationals, USA, Nationals, North Americans, Ms. International and Ms. Olympia ever held, in addition to hundreds of other NPC and IFBB contests, and many International contests, such as the Pro and Amateur World's as well. We met and photographed Lenda Murray before she became a bodybuilding household name...and during the time she was racking up her Ms. Olympia wins. And, we continued to photograph and feature articles of all the top women during the rest of the 90's and onwards.

We have been publishing the WPW newstand print magazine since the Fall 1983 issue and have printed a total of 83 issues through our Spring 2006 issue, which includes one 'Strong and Shapely' special issue. During the early 1990's we had four other 'Strong and Shapely' issues as well. In addition, we had another non-newstand magazine called 'The Women's Physique Publication' (with the acronym names of WASP, WSP and WPP used in the earlier days), which was available by subscription only. That magazine was published from late 1976 through 1991, and featured very in-depth coverage of many shows not covered in WPW, and except for some of the later issues, which had a small amount of color, was printed in black and white. We had a total of 174 of these issues (some were 'double issues').Our other publishing venture was our book titled "The Women's Physique Athlete- A History through 1983', written by WPW Editor Steve Wennerstrom and Dr. Al Thomas. The entire book is reproduced in our first OnlineMagazine (#1), but we still do have print copies available for sale.

In addition to co-writing the book, Steve Wennerstom, along with John Nafpliotis,
have been the editors and main photographers for every print magazine, with Barry Brooks (photographer) and Mike Bogen (writer) providing the majority of the additional photos and articles.

WPW would also like to thank the many gyms who have opened their doors to us for our photo and video sessions - in particular:

  • Ken Kassel's American Fitness Center, where we did most of our sessions during the 1980's
  • Sam Wiggins' Marietta Fitness Center in Marietta, Pennsylvania, where we did most of our sessions during the 1990's
  • Charles Peeple's Vixen Hill Farm Gym, where we have had many sessions with women living in the mid-Atlantic States - www.TheValkyries.com
  • And in particular, to Bob Bonham, owner of the Strong and Shapely Gym in East Rutherford, NJ, where we conduct most of our gym video sessions - www.Strong-and-Shapely.com

In addition to the print magazines, the WPW Company has also taped many of the sport's top stars- starting with Super 8 from the late 70's through 1984, at which time we began using videotape, then digital. Many of the earliest titles have been deleted from our catalogue, but hundreds of videos and DVDs are still available by mail order (write to WPW, Box 443, Hohokus, NJ 07423 for catalogues) and through our eBay Store, where you can use PayPal. In time we hope to set up a 'store' on this site as well.

Since so many of our older, historical print magazines are no longer in stock, and since we believe many of today's fans would be interested in early contest coverage and bios/photos of yesterday's stars, we decided to produce this WPWMagazineOnline, where you will be able to read those articles exactly how they appeared in the print magazine, with lots of extra photos. The following recaps which print magazines are still available or not available:

WPW MAGAZINE: all issues from 1983 through May/June 1996 are no longer available in print form, but they will be posted over time on this site! Issues from the July/August 1996 issue through the Spring 2006 issue are still available in print form, and you may order them by mail order or on our eBay Store, as follows below.

STRONG AND SHAPELY MAGAZINE: our 5th issue of this is part of the 1997 WPW issues, but the first four are no longer available. We will post these on this site also.

WASP/WSP/WPP/Women's Physique Publication: this was our non-newstand, subscription-only magazine, which ran from 1976 through 1991. These were sold out long ago, but we will be posting these on this site over time also!!

BOOK: "Female Physique Athlete": we have reproduced this book in total on our WPWMagazineOnline #1, but we still have print copies left in stock, and they can be ordered by mail order or on our eBay Store. Price is $20, which includes postage.

When we get the chance, we will list all the print magazine issues we published, including their cover dates, who was on the cover and what the articles were included, but for now, to to "Magazine Features" on the navigation bar or click here for a recap of our available print magazines.

Owner / Publisher: Bill Jentz
Co-Editors: John Nafpliotis, Steve Wennerstrom
Senior Editor: Mike Bogen
Senior Staff Photographers: Barry Brooks
Graphics: Jody Lister
Web Site: Julie Jentz

Women's Physique World is published by Women's Physique World, Inc. at:
P.O. Box 443, Ho-ho-kus, New Jersey, USA 07423

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