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Women's Physique World (WPW) has been producing print magazines, videos and DVDs, and color photos since the late 1970's. All of our video/DVDs are now available on this ONLINE STORE, and we will continue to download our print magazines so you can read them here online. In addition, we are now beginning to post PHOTO GALLERIES of current competitors. Read below for more information.

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New & Upcoming Releases:


WPW has been producing videos since 1979 and nearly all of them are now available on DVD. We have more than 750 titles which includes many bodybuilding, fitness, figure and strength contests. For the videos of individual women, the footage includes bodybuilding posing in swimsuits (bikinis or one-piece) and dresses, and nearly all contain gymwork and interviews- please read the text for each title for more specific information on content.

We also have 27 'Compilation Videos' and are the primary distributor for the Ray Martin and Fitness Video Company DVDs. We now have descriptive text and two guide photos for each of those titles.

WPW DVDs: We have produced more than 750 titles and continue to release one or two new video/DVDs each month. In addition, we continue to release very old WPW videos, which have been out of catalogue for a long time, as 'Archive DVDs'. For now, the "ARCHIVE DVD" section of our store will remain as is, but we will soon combine the Archive DVDs back into our main list, so you will be able go in order through all of our WPW titles, from #1 onwards, without any gaps. When we built the DVD store, to save time, we put a generic paragraph as the descriptive text for many videos, just to advise you which titles were now available on DVD. We have now begun to write full descriptions for each, giving better content of the tape and the physique models. In addition, we will also be adding a second photo for each title. This will take a month or two to complete, and we will keep you advised as to our progress on all of this.

WPW Compilation DVDs: We have 27 titles, which feature footage from titles up through 1995. View the full list of Compilation DVDs here.

Ray Martin DVDs: The WPW staff did not tape these, but we are the primary distributors for the 227 RM titles. View the full list of RM DVDs here.

Fitness Video DVDs: The WPW staff did not tape these, but we are the primary distributors for the 25 Fitness titles. View the full list of Fitness Video DVDs here.

Please e-mail us at WPWMagazine@aol.com for questions regarding content of specific DVDs.
Please e-mail us at WomensPhysiqueWorld@gmail.com
for ordering questions.




WPW published two different print magazines from the late 1970's through 2006: Women's Physique World (WPW) was our newsstand magazine, published from 1984 through 2006. Our subscription-only magazine (known as WASP, WSP, WPP and Women's Physique Publication) was published from the late 1970's through 1991. The WPW print magazines from mid-1996 through 2006 are still available through our ONLINE STORE. All WPW print magazines prior to mid-1996 will continue to be scanned and posted on this site as downloads. When all WPW print magazines are scanned, we will then scan and post the other magazine. Click on the links below to view the current magazines available for purchase:

WPW will begin to offer "photo galleries" each month, featuring photographs and biographies of today's top competitors. Our first offering is for national star, Andrea Thiel. We have three galleries of photos (taken by John Nafpliotis) and a bio written by Mike Bogen. The photos were taken in 2009 and not previously released.

Andrea_Thiel_Gallery_1_Guide Andrea_Thiel_Gallery_2_Guide Andrea_Thiel_Gallery_3_Guide

Andrea Thiel Gallery 1

Andrea Thiel Gallery 2 Andrea Thiel Gallery 3
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