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WPW-32 Deanna Panting ccbill
WPW-67 Valerie Basilone
WPW-74 Sharon Marvel
WPW-101 Susan Myers
WPW-112 Denise Rutkowski, Cathey Compton and Peg Ouwerling
WPW-106 Marissa Brown
WPW-124 Bernie Price & Wendy Jeal wpw
WPW-139 Sherry Thompson & Mishay Santos wpw
WPW-150 Raye Hollitt wpw
WPW-159 Karla Nelson, Jackie Paisley, Margo Allen & Dorothy Herndon wpw
WPW-162 Claudia Mountfort, Susan Myers & Julia Kover wpw
WPW-164 Mary Messite, Monica Bozecevich & Denise Rutkowski wpw
WPW-168 The 1990 Steel Rose Strength & Body Contest wpw
WPW-180 Shelley Beattie
WPW-186 Hannie Van Aken  
WPW-187 Nikki Fuller
WPW-188 Rhonda Lundstedt
WPW-189 Doughdee Marie
WPW-191 Athena & Juliette Bergmann
WPW-193 1991 NPC US Championships
WPW-195 Denise Rutkowski
WPW-196 Lenda Murray
WPW-214 The 1992 Junior Nationals and US Championships

WPW-217 1992 NPC Bodybuilding Nationals

WPW-223 1992 Extravaganza Strength Show
WPW-227 Diana Dennis
WPW-230 Christa Bauch & Gabi Spuhn
WPW-233 Melissa Coates & Carey Hensley
WPW-237 The 1993 US Championships
WPW-241 Jennifer Greenbaum & Leilani
WPW-242 Tina Lockwood
WPW-246 Sharon Marvel
WPW-249 The 1994 Junior USA
WPW-251 Raye Hollitt & Alexandrea Vusir
WPW-252 Monica Haslom & Daniella Morlanne
WPW-253 Debbie Muggli
WPW-257 Ericca Kern
WPW-260 Theresa Nabors
WPW-266 Michelle Ralabate
WPW-267 Tina Lockwood
WPW-268 Melissa Coates
WPW-274 Cathey LeFrancois & Lisa Smith
WPW-282 Renee O'Neill & Debbie Minsky
WPW-283 Sharon Marvel & Joanne Lee
WPW-287 Donna Restivo & Andrea Izard
WPW-291 Denise Masino
WPW-292 Annie Riviecco
WPW-296 The 1996 Jan Tana Pro Bodybuilding Contest
WPW-297 The 1996 Jana Tana Pro Fitness Contest
WPW-311 Amy Pazzo
WPW-312 Marianna Komlos & Christine Lydon
WPW-316 Christi Wolf
WPW-322 Christa Bauch
WPW-325 Debbie Kruck
WPW-331 Bethany Howlett  
WPW-332 Kim Harris
WPW-333 Dawn Adams & Kathy Unger
WPW-335 Laurie Noack
WPW-339 Lauren Hart
WPW-340 Sharon Robelle
WPW-343 Dayana Cadeau
WPW-348 Kelly Felske
WPW-349 Trish Swander
WPW-350 Michelle Ralabate
WPW-351 Dawn Riehl
WPW-367 Christi Wolf
WPW-374 Toni Norman
WPW-378 Karen Konya
WPW-384 Denise Gerard
WPW-385 Danet Seely & Rene Johns
WPW-386 Valentina Ferrari & Monica Wilson
WPW-387 Lois Smucker
WPW-388 Sherry Lee & Chris Homan
WPW-389 1999 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships
WPW-390 The 1999 Nationals Fitness
WPW-391 Andrulla Blanchette
WPW-392 Cathey LeFrancois
WPW-393 Bethany Howlett
WPW-394 Che Swagger
WPW-395 Toni Bolla
WPW-412 Laura Binetti
WPW-422 The 2000 Jan Tana Amateur Bodybuilding & Fitness
WPW-429 The 1998 NABBA Universe
WPW-430 The 1999 NABBA Universe
WPW-496 Sophie Duquette
WPW-498 The 2002 Jan Tana Pro Fitness Contest
WPW-511 Alley Miesch-Nie
WPW-528 Nuriye Sener-Evans
WPW-533 Carmen Unger
WPW-539 Trudy Ireland
WPW-577 Nuriye Sener Evans


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