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Features our FULL WPW Inventory as well as select Ray Martin and Fitness Video Company DVDs

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WPP 1991 Magazine Issue
WPW Winter 1984 Magazine Issue

Online Issue #13 December 1, 2007 Featuring the WPP 1991 and WPW Winter 1984 Magazine Issues

Online Issue #12

Strong & Shapely Magazine 1992 Issue

Strong & Shapely August 1992

WPW May June 1987 Magazine Issue

WPP May-June 1987

Welcome to WPWMagazineOnline Issue #12 (November 2007), featuring the August 1992 'Strong and Shapely' print magazine (Marla Duncan on the cover) and the WPP May/June 1987 print magazine with Judy Weston on the cover.

The 'Strong and Shapely' issue was one of five that WPW published as 'special issues' to report on the early Fitness contests and competitors. Among other articles, this issue featured: 1991 Ms. Fitness contest, which featured winner Nancy Georges, Carol Semple, Debbie Dobbins, Debbie Kruck, Marla Duncan and others; the 1991 Fitness America Pageant; and photo/bios for Debbie Dobbins, Nancy Georges, Holly Hart, Debbie Kruck, Marla Duncan and Hope Lane.

The 'Weston' WPP magazine featured: extensive coverage of the 1987 Emerald Cup (Marissa Brown won that one, and early pics of Lisa Lorio Smith shown); the 1987 Los Angeles Championships (featuring winner Lori Domhoff and many others); early pics of Anja Langer guest posing; extensive photo-report on the 1987 IFBB European Championships, showing many fine physiques today's fans never heard of; and many other local/regional shows which include early shots of Virginia Brady, Danielle LeRoy, Connie McCloskey, Marie Mahabir, Jennifer Lennon, Laura Vukov, Janine Parillo, Della Shahabi and much more.

In addition, NEW videos/DVDs for November include: WPW 708 (new footage of Claire Rohrbacker, combined with WPW 477 of Lisa Aukland); WPW 709 (Theresa Hendricks in top contest shape) and WPW 710 (new footage of Ann Caliri and 2007 Nationals Champ, Kristy Hawkins, plus all of WPW 553 with Abby Eyre. Older videos now on DVD for the first time include: Fitness Video Company #11 and 22, which are the 1992 and 1993 'Strong and Shapely' Fitness/Strength Contests; and, Ray Martin 129, which features mid-90's footage of Amelia Hernandez and Yaxeni Oriquen in top contest shape.

WPWMagazineOnline #13 (December 2007) will feature the full reproduction of the WPP 1991- Issue #1 (Kim Robinson on cover), WPW Winter 1984 (Lori Bowen on cover and the 'WASP' October 1979 issue, which featured the 1979 Gold's Classic (the only contest Lisa Lyon competed in). See you then !!

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