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WPP January February 1989 Magazine Issue
WPP May June 1985 Magazine Issue

Online Issue #16 March 1, 2008 Featuring the WPP January February 1989 and WPP May June 1985 Magazine Issues

Online Issue #15

WPP September October 1983 Magazine Issue

WPP September October 1983

WPW March 1992 Magazine Issue

WPW March 1992


Welcome to WPWMagazineOnline #15 (February 2008) featuring the full reproduction of the March 1992 WPW print magazine (Lenda Murray on cover) and the Women's Physique Publication (WPP) print magazine, with "Pillow" on the cover. The Murray issue features full coverage of Lenda's 2nd Ms. O win in a row at the 1991 event, Tracy Gillispie's win at the 1991 Junior Nationals and Sharon Bruneau's victory at the 1991 North Americans, allowing her to turn pro. Full photo/bios for Sue Price, Laurie Fierstein, Judy Moshkoski, Robbie Bryant, Yolanda Hughes and Astrid Falconi are also included. The 'Pillow' issue features her win in the 1983 Gold's Classic (with great shots of Alison Brundage, Karen Marin, Dawn Marie Gnaegi, Lindy Champion, Lori Okama and others) and Candy Caldwell and Cory Everson's wins in the Bodybuilding Expo. Also featured are Lori Bowen's win in the 1983 U.S. Championships and coverage of many other local/regional shows, with early photos of Gladys Portugues, Linda Wood-Hoyte, Elaine Craig, Lynne Pirie, Julie McNew and many others.

In addition: Larry Agron's impressive new 2008 calendar is now available, featuring very high quality photos of women bodybuilders for each month. Shown here are reproductions of the cover and March's model, Theresa Hendricks. For more info on how to order the calendar, contact Larry at www.larryagron.com or e mail him at agron@comcast.net. Also, be sure to check out Theresa's website at www.TheresaHendricks.net.

Elite Physiques 2008 Calendar Larry Agron's Elite Physiques 2008 Calendar






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