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WPP March April 1986 Magazine Issue
WPW September October 1995 Magazine Issue

Online Issue #18 May 1, 2008 Featuring the WPP March/April 1986 and the WPW September/October 1995 Magazine Issues

Online Issue #17

WPP 1990 Magazine Issue

WPP 1990

WPW November December 1994 Magazine Issue

WPP November December 1994


Welcome to WPWMagazineOnline #17. As we mentioned last month, former IFBB Pro Shelley Beattie passed away February 2008, and we will remember her by reproducing the two WPW/WPP print magazines for which she was on the cover- 1990 Issue #3 of the Women's Physique Publication (WPP) and the Women's Physique World (WPW) November/December 1994 issue, where she shared the cover with Sharon Bruneau. The WPP print mag is an incredible issue, if we say so ourselves..features Shelley's big win in the 1990 USA, which also featured top stars such as Tazzie Colomb, Yolanda Hughes, Nikki Fuller, Tara Dodane and many others; Debbie Muggli's win in the 1990 Jr. Nationals; the 1990 Teen/Collegiates featuring a young 16 year old Alphie Newman; the Steel Rose Strength and Physique Contest, featuring the 6'3" Shirley Eson, winner Denise Rutkowski and Jan Harrell and others in the strength show; the 1990 Europeans and French Championships and other local/regional US shows. Also, this 128 page magazine (no ads) features many bios: Beattie, Muggli, Skye Ryland, Joanne McCartney, MaryEllen Campo, Denise Duffield, Cathey Compton-Smith, Eve Ripoli, Cyndie Meintzer, Diane Talik, Marci Fraser, D'Lynne Kristsky/Miller, Claudia Mountford/Wagner, Sharon Dombroskas/Robelle, arm-wrestler Liane Dufresne and many others, including the foreign women. The WPW issue features Laura Binetti's win in the 1994 Canada Pro Cup (and large bio on her), the 1994 Jr USA, Valerie Gangi's win in the 1994 Cal State, bios for Joanne Lee, Cyndie Jones and others.
     In addition, we have have two new video titles for April: new work with Trudy Ireland in top contest shape on WPW Video/DVD 719 and WPW Video/DVD 720 features Canadian Pam Howard in off season shape (off season video with Alley Miesch-Nie from WPW 527 also included). Also, WPW Video 99 (Sharon Arrildt/Marvel) and WPW Video 202 (1991 Extravaganza Strength Contest) are now on DVD for the first time.
     See you in May when we will post the Denise Zimmerman and Zuzana Korinkova cover issues shown above.


Shelley Beattie
We regret to inform you that former IFBB Pro Shelley Beattie died on February 13, 2008, just a few months short of her 40th birthday. She is shown here in an early 90's photo with Bob Bonham's father, who passed away a year earlier. Bob is the owner of Strong and Shapely Gym in East Rutherford, NJ, where we do most of our gym photo sessions.
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