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WPP October 1984
WPW Summer 1991 Issue

Online Issue #11 September 1, 2007 Featuring the WPP October 1984 issue and the WPW Summer 1991 Issue

Online Issue #10

WPP 1990 Issue

WPP 1990

WPW March 1998 Issue

WPW March 1998

Welcome to WPWMagazineOnline Issue #10 (September 2007), featuring the March 1998 issue of the Women's Physique World print magazine with Annie Rivieccio on the cover, and our Women's Physique Publication print magazine with Nina Melidosian on the cover (the 1990- Issue #4).
    The 1990 #4 WPP print magazine features photo layouts or bios of Rhonda Lundstedt, Valerie Maugeri, Nina Melidosian, Karen Studer-Tarr, Carolyn Phillips, Chris Adams, Paula Piwarunas, Tami Stark, Melissa Dick, Caroline Krakower, Denise Rutkowski, Lori Fetrick and others. Also included is detailed contest coverage for the following 1990 contests: Extravaganza Strength and Physique Contests (featuring Tazzie Colomb, Mimi Hitzman, Julia Kover, Kris Luebke, Karin Mitchell and many others in the strength show, and Nina Melidosian, Rhonda Lundstedt, Marissa Brown and others in the physique show); NPC Nationals which featured an incredible field including Vicki Sims, Paula Piwarunas, Sally Gomez, Sue Price, Claudia Wagner, Sue Gafner, Michelle Ivers, Judy Moshkosky, D'Lynne Miller, Nikki Fuller, Nicole Bass, Yolanda Hughes, Tara Dodane and many others; and other top shows including the IFBB World's and North American, and Lenda Murray's first big Ms. Olympia win. Also included are some interesting early shots of a young Marja Lehtonen ! 128 pages with no advertising pages !!
    The March 1998 WPW print magazine features bios for Christi Wolf, Debi Laszewski, Chris Bongiovanni, Stasi Longo, Chris Lydon and Christa Bauch and contest coverage for many top 1997 contests: Lesa Lewis' big win in the USA; Christine Envall, and many other top international women, at the NABBA Worlds; the Junior Nationals; the Extravaganza Strength and Physique shows featuring Marianna Komlos(in physique show) Christi Wolf, Dawn Whitham, Annie Rivieccio, Gayle Moher, Denise Gerard, Amy Pazzo and others in the strength show. 68 pages with only a few for ads!!
     In addition to downloading the above two older WPW print magazines, we have posted some current material, including backstage photos at the Masters Nationals, Vicki Nixon and Klaudia Larson. We also found a few nice shots taken of Kristie Oakley in 2000 which had never been seen before. For future OnlineMagazines, we will be posting more material on current women with a small amount of bio information for each.
     For our September video/DVD releases, our new titles feature Dr. Lisa Schlichter in very defined contest shape (WPW 705), Janet Kaufman in top contest shape at the Masters, combined with our 2003 video of Jeannie Paparone (WPW 706) and three older videos now on DVD for the first time:
WPW Compilation Video/DVD 15-1: features gym footage of the strongest women bodybuilders of the past, doing very heavy lifting in the gym: Shelley Beattie, Kris Luebke, Doughdee Marie, Vicki Sims, Virginia Brady, Cyndie Meintzer and Cathey Compton-Smith are the featured women.
WPW Compilation Video/DVD 15-2: same theme as 15-1, and the featured women are Marie Lena, Joan Lauth, Sharon Marvel, Mary Messite, Julia Kover, Kim King, Athena and Nikki Fuller.
WPW Video/DVD featuring our 1997 sessions with Brenda Raganot and Valerie Gangi.

Also, keep checking back for more updates throughout the month as we will continue to make additional postings. Enjoy and See you next month !

klaudia larson kristie oakley vicki nixon
Klaudia Larson
Kristie Oakley
Vicki Nixon
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