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Online Issue #7 June 5, 2007 Featuring WPW Magazine July 1998 & WPP Magazine July/Aug/Sept 1989

Online Issue #6

WPW May/June 1996

WPW September 1988

With this OnlineMagazine we have decided to try out a new format- instead of reproducing one back issue of the WPW or WPP print magazine, and adding hundreds and hundreds of black and white photos, we have decided to reproduce two print magazines, adding a few hundred COLOR photos of the women featured in the back issues. We plan to use this format for the immediate future, and since you will be getting fewer photos, we are also reducing the monthly price to $9.95.

What does that mean for May's OnlineMagazine? We have reproduced in full, our September 1988 WPW print magazine (with Juliette Bergmann on the cover) which features coverage of the 1988 Pro Worlds, Ms. International and Emerald Cup, and bios/pictorials for Adrienne Foster, Susan Myers, Denise Rutkowski and Cindy Faulkinbury. In addition, we have reproduced our May/June 1996 WPW print magazine (with Karen Netterstrom on cover), which features the 1995 NPC Nationals and 1995 Canadian Nationals, and bios for Renee O'Neill, Deborah Diana, Lisa Jamison, Lucy Wightman and Peggy Schoolcraft. Both of these WPW magazines are no longer available in print form.

In addition to the two magazines, we have added about 300 color photos of most of the women bio'd in the magazines. For current women, Christine Moore is featured (photos and text by Tom Nine) and Steve Wennerstrom accidentally ran into Angela Johnson, who was a very top physique in the late 80's and still is in great shape today & we have the before and current photos of her.

Adrienne Foster
Lupita Lugo
Peg Schoolcraft
Rene Casella
Della Wagnon
Renee O'Neill
Angela Johnson
Christine Moore
All Images, Designs, Intellectual Property © 2006 WPW Publications