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Joanne McCartney


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Online Issue #8 July 1, 2007 Featuring WPW Magazine Sept-Oct 1993 & WPP Magazine Aug-Sept 1984

Online Issue #8

WPW May 1992

WSP January 1983

WSP84 January 1983

Welcome to WPWMagazineOnline #8, featuring two of our print magazines: the May 1992 WPW issue with Kim King on the cover and our WSP issue from January 1983 with Gladys Portugues on the cover. The King issue features the NPC 1991 Nationals, the 1983 AFWB National, 1991 NPC Ironmaiden, 1991 IFBB Caribbeans, 1991 NPC Extravaganza, 1991 IFBB World Amateurs, and bio's include Kim King, Carolyn Phillips, Meral Ertunc, and Jeannie St. Pierre. The WSP issue features bios on Gladys Portugues, Lena Kullberg and Jacque Spell. Contest coverage includes local/regional shows from the northeast and California. In addition, we have added addtional photos of Gladys Portugues. This month we also have 3 bios of Michelle Falsetta, Sara Bridges and Laura Mealey. Also, keep checking back for more updates throughout the month as we will continue to make additional postings. Enjoy!

Gladys Portugues
Gladys Portugues
Michelle Falsetta
Sarah Bridges
Laura Mealey
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