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For over 30 years, WPW has been publishing magazines featuring contest coverage and bios of the sport's top women. Check out our full inventory of WPW, Ray Martin and Fitness Video Company female bodybuilding videos and DVDs. Check back often as we continue to add additional titles as well as post our monthly 'online issue' featuring out of print WPW magazine issues!

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January 2008 New Releases:
WPW-733 Andrea Giacomi
WPW-734 Heather Hulseberg-Lee 2000-2004

February 2008 – Upcoming New Releases:
WPW-735 Heidi Hansen & Maribeth Rossi
WPW-736 Annie Rivieccio 1988-2007

Women's Physique World (WPW) continues to master long out-of-catalogue videos on to DVDs, and to release new video/DVD titles as well.

New "Archive Vide" DVDs include:

WPW-73 Diana Dennis in Delaware)
WPW-129 Mona Krause, Negrita Jayde & Phyllis Padur
WPW-130 Alicia Lippman, Suzanne Tigert, Velma Buckels, Sue Springsteen, Sandy Kamberger, Jill O'Connor
WPW-164 Mary Messite, Monica Bozecevich & Denise Rutkowski
WPW-319 1997 US Championships
And more recently:
WPW-140 Anja Langer, Lupita Lugo, Leny Tops
WPW-156 Betsy Hoffman, Erin Maldonado, Jan Keenan
WPW-170 Skye Ryland, Denise Duffield, Kim Robinson, Mary Ellen Campo
WPW-206 D'Lynne Miller
WPW-314 1997 Junior Nationals

We have also mastered all 227 Ray Martin Videos, all 25 Fitness Company Videos and all 27 WPW Compilation Videos on to DVD format. We also have now released the '228th Ray Martin Video', which was a previously unreleased video with Tina Lockwood and Robin Freisem, which does contain some humming from overhead lighting. This is now Ray Martin DVD "A"- see our WPW Online Store for guide photos and caption.

NEW! ONLY ON WPWMagazineOnline.com
We started to post individual WPW, WPP and WSP magazine downloads!! The downloads currently available are the ones featured in our past “Online Issues” but over time we will continue to post both current and out of issue magazines. View these magazine downloads here!
Online Issue #20

WPP January February 1986 Magazine IssueWPWMagazineOnline #20 (July-December 2008), features full reproductions of the January-Feburary 1995 Women's Physique World print magazine (Debbie Muggli on cover) and the Women's Physique Publication print magazine for March-April 1987 (Leisa Campbell on cover). The WPW magazine features the NPC-USA Championships, NPC Jr. Nationals, 1994 NABBA Worlds as well as articles and photos of Betty Pariso, Andrea Hurwitz and Melody Bennett. WPW Spring 1991 Magazine Issue

The WPP issue features the 1986 NABBA World Bodybuilding Championships with articles and additional photos of Marie-Laure Mahabir, Leisa Campbell and Brenda Herrera. Also featuring the IFBB Caribbean Championships, Karen Pica, Rhonda Lundstedt. The 1985 WABBA World Pro Championships.

In addition, we now offer most WPW, WPW Compilations, Fitness Videos and Ray Martin videos on DVD for the first time - these include many WPW videos from the 80's and early 90's which have been out of catalogue for a long time. Visit our ONLINE STORE for a full list of DVDs and ordering instructions.

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