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WPW 1990 Issue
WPW March 1998 Issue

Online Issue #10 September 1, 2007 Featuring the WPP 1990 issue and the WPW March 1998 Issue

Online Issue #9

wpw august september 1984

WPP August / September 1984

wpw september october 1993

WPW September / October 1993

Welcome to WPWMagazineOnline Issue #9, featuring two of our print magazines: the WPP August/September 1984 Issue with Elaine Craig on the cover and the WPW September/October 1993 Issue with Meral Ertunc on the cover. The Craig issue feature complete coverage of the 1984 U.S. Championships and bio's including Elaine Craig, Peg Bertelsen, and Clare Furr. The Ertunc issue features 1993 Jr. USA, 1993 IFBB Europeans, Palm Springs Classic, NPC Nationals Preview and bio's include Carmen Brady, Zuzan Kaminga, Lori Walkup Green, Rhonda Jorgenson, Dorine Tilton, and Donna Leotta.

Current bio's and photo gallerys include Kim Birth, Lisa Schlichter and Janet Kaufman.

Also, keep checking back for more updates throughout the month as we will continue to make additional postings. Enjoy!

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