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Online Issue #6 May 1, 2007 Featuring WPW Magazines May/June 1996 and September 1988
Online Issue #5

WPW Fall 1984

WPP December 1983

It is April 1 and we are posting our 5th WPW Magazine Online, which features our very first WPW print magazine (Fall 1984 with Lory Walkup on the cover). This first print magazine did not cover any contests in full, but had an overview of all the best shows from 1983. Bios included Walkup, Candis Caldwell, Karen Marin, Lori Bowen, Lisser Frost-Larsen and Lisa Elliott. Elliott was one of the very best women of the very early 80's (predating the others by a few years...) and since we had another bio of her in WPW's 'sister magazine', The Women's Physique Publication, we have also reproduced that entire WPP print magazine (December 1983, with Lisa on the cover) as well. We also have scanned many other black and white photos of those women which were not included in the print magazine. In addition to the historical material, we have bios, with color photos, of two of today's brightest stars- Vicki Nixon and Kristi Hawkins. In mid-March we did our first photo/video session with Sharon Marvel in 12 years- we did not have time to do her 'what happened to' for this month, but she will be up in May.
    In addition to the Online Magazine, we have one new Video/DVD WPW 693 with Vicki Nixon, coupled with our older session with Stacy Seaver) and four older WPW Videos now on DVD for the first time: WPW 150 (Raye Hollitt), WPW 251 (Raye Hollitt/Alexandra Vusir), WPW 340 (Sharon Robelle) and WPW 423 (Valentina Chepiga).  We will be back in another month with news for Online Magazine #6 !!

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