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June 2008

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Dear Women's Physique World (WPW) Customer,

This month's WPWMagazineOnline Issue #19 features full reproductions of the Spring 1991 Women's Physique World print magazine (Tazzie Colomb on cover) and the Women's Physique Publication print magazine for Jan/Feb 1986 (Raye Hollitt on cover). The WPW magazine features Shelley Beattie's win in the 1990 US Championships, Nikki Fuller's victory in the 1990 Nationals and Debbie Muggli's win at the 1990 North Americans. In addition, full coverage of the 1990 IFBB World's, with early pics of Zuzana Korinkova, Marja Lehtonen and others, is included. Michelle Andrea, Paula Piwarunas, Gisele Hadad Sass and Tami Stark are featured in photo/biographies.

The WPP issue features the 1985 'Superbowl of Strength' (Sue Springsteen, Mimi Hitzman, Rhonda Lundstedt, Raye Hollitt, Sandy Riddell, others) and that physique event. The 1985 Dutch Nationals are also covered, with lots of pics of Leny Tops, Peggy Owerling, Hanny Van Aken and many others. In addition, full coverage of Wally Boyko's first National Fitness Event (Gea Johnson won!), which we think was the very first fitness show. Raye Holitt has a full photo/bio article, with many early photos of her taken before she became well-known.

In addition, we have one new video/DVD and four other older videos now on DVD. WPW Video/DVD 723 features Eve Polmar, and WPW Video 186 (Hannie Van Aken), Video 216 (Caron Hospedales, Laura Robinson) and Compilation videos #4 and 9 are now on DVD for the first time. In addition, we continue to put many other older WPW, WPW Compilations, Fitness Videos and Ray Martin videos on DVD for the first time- these include many WPW videos from the 80's and early 90's which have been out of catalogue for a long time. Visit our ONLINE STORE for ordering instructions.

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Starting last November, we now offer our FULL WPW DVD Inventory on our website www.wpwmagazineonline.com/store.html. You are now able to easily purchase WPW DVDs with cash, credit card or check by use of PayPal (no sign up necessary!). This new store allows you to add multiple items to your shopping cart for fast and easy shopping along with automatic combined shipping rates for multiple item purchases. All purchased items will be sent as DVDs unless VHS is otherwise requested at the time of the order. Over the next few months, we will continue to add our full Ray Martin and Fitness Video Company DVD inventory to the store as well - so please check back for updates. Visit our store today!


June 2008 - New Releases: (click the names or picture below)

Video/DVD WPW-723

We met Eve in 2007 and had our first photo/video session with her when she was a spectator at that year's Arnold Classic(this is on WPW Video/DVD 700). Eve had not competed since the 90's, but continued to train and showed off a lean figure physique with glamorous looks. A year later, in early 2008, Eve visited family in the NYC area and we had this second session with her, featuring repwork (with some strong lifts) in the gym, posing in bikini and dresses and an interview. At 5' 120 pounds, the 40 year-old ex-Marine was again in good, lean figure shape, showing nice detail particularly in her upper body while hitting the shots bodybuilding-style in all the outfits.   Video/DVD runs 100 minutes.


The following are older VHS titles that are now available on DVD:
WPW-186 Hannie Van Aken
Caron Hospedales & Laura Robinson


Here is a list of WPW, WPW Archive, WPW Compilation, Fitness Company and Ray Martin videos we have mastered onto DVD format since our first e mailing to you last month. We are almost done mastering all of the 27 WPW Compilation videos and 25 Fitness Video Company videos onto DVDs, and we will make pages for those on our online store in a month or two. The store will have guide photos and text. We will also continue to master all of the other videos on to DVD, but if you have a special request for any video not on DVD, e mail us at WPWMagazine@aol.com to ask about the availability. Except for an occasional scene on an old video, which may have been taken with camcorder, the picture quality of these DVD transfers is very good, you would not know the difference from the original video. Remember, these new video-to-DVD transfers do not have individual 'chapter scenes', you have to advance on your own.
    We are listing the video # and physique models. For the 'regular' WPW videos, we have photos/captions already available online. For the WPW Archives, etc, we will be building a store for that also in the future so you know what the model looks like.

FITNESS VIDEO COMPANY VIDEOS NOW ON DVD: The Fitness Video Company was a 'branch' of WPW in the early 90's, until WPW decided to simply tape the fitness/figure women as WPW videos. Again, we will build a 'store' for the 25 Fitness Videos/DVDs, but at this time, you have to go by the model's name or old flyers. All of the Fitness Videos are now on DVD except for: #1, 10, 12, 15, 23, 24 and 25- those will be ready in a month or so. Please also note that two different video teams did these sessions- if you are looking for more 'bodybuilding-style' videos, the best would be #6, 9, 10 and 13 as they were done by the WPW staff. Videos #3, 7, 8, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 are a mixture of bodybuilding posing/figure modelling.The other non-contest videos show lesser developed women doing more 'model-type' posing (stretching, gymnastic moves, some minor posing, etc). We are listing all the Fitness Videos here, but keep in mind not all are ready yet:

  1= 1990 National Fitness Contest
  2= 1990 Ms. Fitness USA
  3= Marla Duncan/Debbie Kruck/Debby Dobbins/Jessica Johnson/Nancy Georges
  4= 1986 Ms. National Fitness/1990 Muscle Beach Fitness Show/Melissa Dick and Chris Adams posing
  5= Four Muscle Beach fitness women posing- Theresa Magarian/Kathy Sherron/Mary Gordon/Starr Jackson
  6= Marla Duncan/Alyssa Ferrari
  7= Debi Lee/Theresa Fahl/Renee Syroid
  8= Holly Hart/Dana Maderos
  9= Debbie Kruck
10= Christine Lakatos
11= 1992 "Strong and Shapely" Fitness/Strength Show
12= 1992 Ms. National Fitness Contest (Finals only)
13= Alphie Newman/Lorie Donnelly
14= Kim Peterson/Wendy Vollmar
15= Sherilyn Godreau/Cathy Burton
16= Carla Gore/Marissa Espinosa/Patty Sanchez
17= Jana Holmes/April Johnson-Roseberry/Nikki Dedduang
18= Jakki Bakeria/Leisa Bolfing/Jacque Wang
19= Maria Gonzales/Esther Serrano-Cano/Carol Semple
20= Beth Youker/Kim Williams/Kelley Paz/Rebecca Barrington
21= Deanna Alkire/Laura Helton/Rhonda Schaffer/Kelly Nugent/Victori English
22= 1993 "Strong and Shapely" Fitness/Strength Show
23= 1993 Pro National Fitness Championships
24= 1993 Ms. National Fitness Contest
25= "Preview Video"- (sample scenes from previous Fitness Videos)

Last Month's Releases:
WPW-721 Lisa Person

WPW-722 Kelly Dobbins and Diana Cook

WPW-116 Diana Dennis

WPW-161 Sharon Marvel WPW-187 Nikki Fuller  

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