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October 2007

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Dear Women's Physique World (WPW) Customer,

Our last illustrated flyer was in March, so we pick up from there with 15 new video/DVD titles released through our websites/eBay store during April through October. In addition, we have 23 of our older videos now on DVD for the first time, including those for Raye Hollitt, Valentina Chepiga, Joanne McCartney, Sue Price, Athena, Juliette Bergmann, Tazzie Colomb, Marla Duncan and many of your other favorites from the past.
ORDER FILLING: We usually fill orders within a few days. On occasion, there might be a slight delay if we have to reorder an older video or if we are out of town. If you think an order went astray, e-mail us at WPWMagazine@aol.com. Do NOT e-mail our websites, they cannot help you with this.
ORDERING OUR VIDEOS/DVDs: In addition to ordering off this mail order brochure, you can order our videos/DVDs from our two websites: you can use your credit card to order from our www.WPW.net website and you can go to our new www.WPWMagazineOnline.com website, which posts our monthly offerings (with guide photos) on the first of each month. This site takes you to our eBay Store, where you can use PayPal. In addition, we plan to sell our DVDs straight from our www.WPWMagazineOnline.com site by the end of this year.
WPW PRINT MAGAZINE: We will probably do one last WPW print magazine in 2008, then will post contest results and bios on our Online site. We will be making a mailing to the WPW subscription list (different from this video mailing list) explaining this and offering credit deals for past WPW issues or videos/DVDs to those who are owed more than one magazine.

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October 2007 - New Releases: (click the names or picture below to link to eBay)

Video/DVD 707 - Beth Roberts

We met Beth in 2000 at the Junior USA where we did our first video with her (WPW 416), and her other 3 videos are still available - WPW 486 is now on her WPW 529, and her WPW 565 is on 673 with Faith Lee. All of that was done through 2003, then Beth took a break from the sport before resurfacing again in 2007. The previous videos were done in both contest shape and off-season, and here, we got her in her big off-season shape at 5'4" 160 pounds. The 37 year old Jan Tana 2002 champ showed off alot of size and shape, with very good definition as well, and it is shown off in the gym and posing in a bikini and several dress items. In one scene, she poses to two 60's songs played live on the piano by noted Philly musician, Paul Fejko, though the rest of the video is 'live'.  Video/DVD runs 1 1/2 hours.

  Beth Roberts  

Beth Roberts

The following are older VHS titles that are now available on DVD:

Video/DVD 183 - Tazzie Colomb

We met Tazzie at the 1988 US Championships when she had just turned 20, putting her in a very small league with Athena and Bethany Howlett as the best physiques ever at such a young age. Tazzie became one of our favorite WPW models since that time, and is still going strong today, competing recently at about 180 pounds at 5'7". We have many other WPW (and Ray Martin) titles to be put on DVD during the next year or so.This tape features the best footage taken from four sessions-  contest shape and off-season for both years, featuring lots of posing in many outfits and interviews. With her supreme physique, great looks and friendly personality, Tazzie has been a fan favorite for a long time, and we are planning now to do a 20th Anniversary session with her soon.  Video/DVD runs 2 hours.

Video/DVD 310 - Diana Dennis

We met Diana in the very early 80's when she was competing in local shows in California, but with her physique, looks and incredible posing talent (many consider her the best poser ever) it didnt take her long to win the Nationals and turn IFBB pro in the mid-80's. She became one of our favorite and most-often photographed women,and we are finally getting around to releasing some of her videos on DVD.To us, this was the ultimate Diana- she was in lean defined shape, and with facial beauty where you would have a hard time believing she was almost 50 at the time, and she was as elegant as ever. This is a pure posing tape, with Diana hitting the shots in two bikinis and three cool dresses and is interviewed. This was our last taping with her, but we plan to release all the previous videos on DVD soon, including re-releasing WPW 72 (Diana Does Delaware), 116, 227 (already on DVD), 254 and Ray Martin 91 and 167. We hear she still looks the same today, so hopefully we can do some current work with her as well.  Video/DVD runs 1 1/2 hours.

Video/DVD Fitness Video 6 - Marla Duncan & Alyssa Ferrari

Thanks mainly to the efforts of promoter Wally Boyko, the fitness contests started to become very popular in the early 90's, and Marla Duncan (and Debbie Kruck) was easily the top star in the early days. We have some earlier footage of Marla and others, which was on Fitness Video 3, and might re-release that later, but this 1992 session was by far the better tape, featuring Marla in top fitness shape, hitting the shots bodybuilding-style in her bikini and several dress items. Also featured here is Alyssa Ferrari, who was new on the scene at this time but had a very good fitness/modelling career throughout the 90's. Alyssa poses in bikini and two dress items and does tandem gymwork with Marla, and each are interviewed. Marla and Alyssa were 'state of the art' in 1992, and still look great today.  Video/DVD runs 2 hours.

Tazzie Colomb

Diana Dennis

Pauliina Talus


Tazzie Colomb


Diana Dennis


Pauliina Talus


Marla Duncan & Alyssa Ferrari

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