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ALL users will see the below warning page when they attempt to visit pages within the wpwmagazineonline.com site. In order to access our site, you will have to clike "IGNORE THIS WARNING" in the bottom right hand corner of the alert box.

We apologize greatly for this inconvenience and we are working to fix this problem. We hope that you will continue to visit our site during this time.

In addtion, the following two new titles will be available for December ordering:

Video/DVD 731- KATHRYN CONNORS: This is our third video with Kathryn (her WPW Video/DVDs 583 and 627 are still available) and this time we have her in top contest shape and off season. In June 2008 Kathryn was at her 150 pound off season weight, and this session included gymwork, posing in bikini and several dress items and an interview. Two months later, the 48 year old competed in the Masters Nationals in top contest shape, winning her class in the Masters over 45 year event, and placing 2nd in the over-35 division. We did more posing with her the day after the show (bikini and two dresses) when she was in very lean and defined shape, yet maintaining all of her off-season size and shapes. Kathy has been competing since 1981 (she is the 1997 Junior USA Champ), and as she approaches 50 she is better than ever! Video/DVD runs 2 hours.

Video/DVD 732- MELISSA COATES 1993-2005: A couple of years ago we did a 'swimsuit compilation video' for Sharon Marvel, which featured all of her bikini/one piece posing scenes taken from all of her originally released videos- this is on WPW Video/DVD 695. We will continue to do this in the future for women who had multiple video offerings. Melissa has been one of our most often taped physique models, and this title features all of her bikini/one pieces posing scenes from all of her previous videos, starting from 1993 up through her most recent session in 2005. Note that there is no new footage of her here, it is all re-released. The footage is taken from the following WPW videos: WPW 233, 268, 307, 370, 515, 592 and 664, which are all still available in original form as well. Video/DVD runs 2 3/4 hours.

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