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November 2007

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November 2007 - New Releases: (click the names or picture below to link to eBay)

Video/DVD 708- Claire Rohrbacker & Lisa Aukland

This is the second time we did photo/video work with Claire as a spectator at the Arnold Classic- the footage from her first session is on WPW Video/DVD 667. Claire was again in her off-season condition at 4'11" 136 pounds, but was lean and defined enough to show off some good abs, as well as hard definition everywhere else. She won her class in the 2006 US Championships, and the 39 year old is planning to compete in the 2007 NPC Nationals as we type this. Claire hits the shots in a bikini and three dress items, and is interviewed. Her footage runs an hour, so to fill this release out, we have added the WPW Video 477 of Lisa Aukland's 2001 video session, which is now on DVD for the first time. Her footage includes posing in bikini, three dresses, gymwork and an interview, and was in very close contest shape.  WPW Video/DVD 708 runs 2 1/2 hours.


This is our second release for Theresa- her first session is on WPW Video/DVD 680. Theresa was again in top contest shape at 5'6" 145 pounds, as we did the photos/video with her the day after the 2007 Team Universe, where she was 2nd in her heavyweight class. The 46 year old looks facially and physically ten years younger, sporting terrific makeup and hair and a national caliber physique which has just missed turning pro in a few recent pro qualifiers. Theresa starts off with repwork in the gym, then she was tireless as she posed extensively in a bikini and three dresses, and is interviewed.  WPW Video/DVD 709 runs 100 minutes.
Freelance videographer Tom Nine did the recent work with Ann (30 minutes) and Kristy (20 minutes), and the footage of Abby (1 1/2 hours) is our WPW Video 553 of her, which is on DVD for the first time. Ann was in contest shape in 2007, and the 38 year old from North Carolina was in contest shape, showing off a lean physique in a bikini and two dresses. Kristy was also in good shape at 5'3" 140 pounds. This 26 year old top national star poses in four different outfits. Both women give brief interviews, and the video content and lighting are right on. Abby does gymwork, poses in three outfits (displaying a very good figure physique, with great calves) and is interviewed. WPW Video/DVD 710 runs 2 1/2 hours.
WPW-708 WPW-709 WPW-710

Claire Rohrbacker & Lisa Aukland


Theresa Hendricks


Ann Caliri, Kristy Hawkins & Abby Eyre



The following are older VHS titles that are now available on DVD:

Fitness Video/DVD FV11- Strong & Shapely Fitness Content

Two of these contests were held in the early 90's.For this 1992 event, the promoters invited the best fitness women to compete against each other in a regular fitness event (stage routines) combined with one strength event (curling barbell for reps). Those competing included many of your former favorites- Debbie Kruck, April Johnson/Roseberry, Patty Sanchez, Sherilyn Godreau, Denise Paglia, Patti Regan, Holly Hart and others. Bikini and evening gown rounds also included. This was a 'pro' event for prize money, and an amateur event is also included here.  Fitness Video/DVD 11 runs 2 1/2 hours.

Fitness Video/DVD FV22 - Strong & Shapely Fitness Content

This 1993 event was the second and last Strong and Shapely Pro show, this time featuring 16 top fitness women doing their bikini and evening gown rounds, routine, and repping out for barbell curls. Debbie Kruck returned from the 1992 show, and others competing included Carla Gore, Laura Robinson, Debbie Dobbins, Nancy Benson, Daniell Morlanne, Kim Peterson, Monica Haslom, Renita Harris, Alyssa Ferrari, Alexandra Vusir, Maria Gonzalez and others. In addition to the pro show, a local fitness contest "NJ Fitness America" is also included.  Fitness Video/DVD 22 runs 2 3/4 hours.

Ray Martin Video/DVD RM129 - Amelia Hernandez & Yaxeni Oriquen

This was subtitled 'The Spanish Arm-ada" in a pun intended to instigate comparison bicep posing between the two women in order to figure out which of the two Spanish women had better physiques. The video was taken in 1997 when both women were in top contest shape, and scenes include tandem and solo posing in bikinis and dresses and a one-piece. Although Yaxeni continues to compete at a very high level today, 10 years ago the two were considered among the very best women of the time, and in every way peers.  RM Video/DVD runs 75 minutes.





Strong & Shapely Fitness Contest


Strong & Shapely Fitness Contest


Amelia Hernandez & Yaxeni Oriquen

Last Month's Releases:

Beth Roberts


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Pauliina Talus


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