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May 2008

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Welcome to WPWMagazineOnline #18 (May 2008), featuring full reproductions of our September/October 1995 WPW (with Zuzana Korinkova on cover) and March/April 1986 (Denise Zimmerman cover) print magazines. The WPW issue features full coverage of the 1995 Extravaganza Strength Contest and pro and amateur fitness events, the 1995 Ms. International,  Emerald Cup and Steel Rose, among other features. Renita Harris, Angie Kirk, Vicki Lestanko, Karla Nelson and Mah-Ann Mendoza have photo/bios.

The WPP issue features many local/regional contests from 1985, including Steve Wennerstrom's west coast report, Mike Bailey for the northwest/Canada, and there is east coast coverage as well. Many photos of very good lesser known women from that era as well as early shots of more famous women such as Michelle Ivers (still competing today!!), Doughdee Marie, Renee Casella, Reggie Bennett, Mimi Hitzman, Lori Walkup, Gea Johnson and 'Athena' (still as a teenager).

In addition, we have four new videos/DVDs for April and May: WPW 719 (Trudy Ireland in ripped contest shape), WPW 720 (Canadian star Pam Howard in huge off-season shape), WPW 721 (new figure competitor Lisa Person in contest shape) and WPW 722 (national bodybuilding stars Kelly Dobbins and Diana Cook in top contest shape). In addition, we now have the following older videos on DVD for the first time: WPW 99 and 161 (both of Sharon Arrildt-Marvel), WPW 116 (Diana Dennis), WPW 187 (Nikki Fuller) and WPW 202 (1991 Extravaganza Strength Contest). Visit our online store for more info and how to order!

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Starting last November, we now offer our FULL WPW DVD Inventory on our website www.wpwmagazineonline.com/store.html. You are now able to easily purchase WPW DVDs with cash, credit card or check by use of PayPal (no sign up necessary!). This new store allows you to add multiple items to your shopping cart for fast and easy shopping along with automatic combined shipping rates for multiple item purchases. All purchased items will be sent as DVDs unless VHS is otherwise requested at the time of the order. Over the next few months, we will continue to add our full Ray Martin and Fitness Video Company DVD inventory to the store as well - so please check back for updates. Visit our store today!


May 2008 - New Releases: (click the names or picture below)

Video/DVD WPW-721 Lisa Person

We were introduced to Lisa through an article on her regarding her startling transformation from a non-athletic 190 pounder (at 5'2") to the point where she is now buff and competing in figure contests- all of this within a year. She has been mainly competing in local shows near New Jersey, but we did this photo/video session with her right before she competed in the Arnold Classic Amateur Figure Contest in March 2008. This was her first time posing 'bodybuilding' style, but she caught on right away and posed in her one-piece swimsuit and three dress items. For gymwork, the 34 year old combined some strong lifting (lots of easy chins, good curls, etc) with repwork and was interviewed. She shows off good figure muscularity and definition, particularly for her back, triceps and calves.  Video/DVD 721 runs 100 minutes.


Kelly and Diana are both top national level bodybuilders and we had two photo/video sessions for each during 2007. Freelancer Tom Nine did the work with Kelly, and the 5'2" 135 pounder was in or near contest shape while posing in several bikini/dress items. Her upper body and calves are particularly impressive- at 47 years of age !! Also in her 40s (42), Diana was in great shape for her two short sessions (taped by our regular WPW videographer John Nafpliotis) and the 2007 Junior Nationals overall champ shows off a very balanced physique- considerable  muscularity and definition throughout. Interviews also included for both of these impressive and attractive physique models.  Video/DVD 722 runs 80 minutes.
The following are older VHS titles that are now available on DVD:

Video/DVD WPW-116 Diana Dennis

Diana was one of our most popular physique models of the 80's and 90's, and this is the fourth video of her now on DVD (others being WPW 227, 254 and 310). When we can, we will get around to re-releasing earlier videos of her onto DVD, such as WPW Video 39, 72 and 73 which have her earlier mid-80's sessions). Here, Diana hits the shots in 1988 in many dresses and a bikini, then does a campy 'storyline' skit called 'Little Town Flirt', which includes posing by a railroad diamond, etc. Diana was probably the most talented poser ever and with good camera presence skills also, was easily able to pull off something different here. And, as usual, Diana was in lean contest shape !!  Video/DVD 116 runs 80 minutes.

Video/DVD WPW-161 Sharon Marvel

Sharon was one of our most popular physique models for about 10 years, from 1987 into the mid-90s, and this is her third video now available also on DVD (the others are WPW 74 and 99). Her other two videos from that era (WPW 246 and 283) will be on DVD in the future. Many of her fans point to the sessions on this tape as her best 'look', particularly the September 1989 posing on the wood deck, which shows her in perfect contest shape and maybe the best looks ever for a woman bodybuilder. The May 1990 session shows her in huge off-season shape (with very heavy gymwork), and also included is the best footage from her video 120, which was from April 1989, when she had a softer, but very glamorous 'inbetween' look. For all three sessions, Sharon poses her legendary physique in many bikini/dress outfits, there is gymwork and two interviews. Three different 'looks' for one of the best women ever.  Video 161 runs 2 1/2 hours.

Video/DVD WPW-187 Nikki Fuller

This 'best of' contains footage of Nikki from four different photo/video sessions from 1989 (when she was Nikki Garner), 1990 and 1991. We often point out which women were the best women ever at a young age, and Nikki would have to be at the very top of that list, as she was only 20 for the first session and 22 (!!) for the 1991 session, where we would have to say she was the best ever for anyone in her very early 20's. The footage of her at age 20 was taken from her original video #121, when she was already in unreal condition for that age, but she improved so much by the time of the 1990/1991 sessions that she was considered a very serious threat to win the Ms. Olympia, as she was a 'Cory Everson type', with much more muscle. Three of the four sessions show her in contest shape, and one in off-season shape at about 5'8" 170 pounds- plenty of posing in all the outfits, gymwork and interviews. One of the best women bodybuilders ever.


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