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March 2008

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Dear Women's Physique World (WPW) Customer,

Welcome to WPWMagazineOnline #16 (March 2008) featuring the full reproduction of the May/June 1985 Women's Physique Publication (WPP) print magazine with Renee Casella on the cover, and the Jan/Feb 1989 WPP issue with Julia Kover on the cover. The Casella issue features full photo/bios on Casella, Cathey Palyo, Rose Byrnes, Lorraine Gari, Esi Rainwater and others. Contest coverage features the 1985 Californias with lots of photos of Mishay Santos, Laura Beadry, Mimi Hitzman, Kathy Moore, Doughdee Marie, Sue Springsteen and others. Also, full coverage of the 1985 Pro Worlds and Europeans showing Mary Roberts, Tina Plakinger, Vera Bendel, Deanna Panting, Kay Baxter, Anita Gandol, Lynne Pirie, Juliette Meyer Bergmann and many others. The Kover issue features photo/bios on Kover, Lisser Frost Larsen, MaryEllen Campo and Rebecca Barrington. The 1988 Women's Extravaganza Strength and Physique show is reported on, featuring lots of shots of the women in the strength show- Mary Ryan Jeffrey, Raye Hollitt, Karen Pica, Rhonda Lundstedt, Denise Rutkowski, Tazzie Colomb, Tara Dodane and Cyndie Meintzer. In addition, there is a full page of pictures of Annie Rivieccio- might be the earliest taken of her, as she was in the physique show. The 1988 Ms. Olympia is also featured with lots of pics of Cory Everson, Anja Langer, Bev Francis, Tonya Knight, Ellen Van Maris, Carla Dunlap, Janice Ragain and many more.
     In addition, we have two new videos/DVDs for March: WPW 717 featuring "Sharee" Scadron in massive off-season condition and WPW 718 with Michelle Ivers in contest shape. Older video titles on DVD for the first time include WPW 104 (Tommie Moreau), WPW 128 (Cyndie McGowan, Kelley Riley, Kay Reich, Tonya Knight, Karen Rodriques and Valerie Basilone- about 20 minutes each), WPW 207 (Rhonda Lundstedt and Janice Ragain 1991, and Leisa Campbell 1990 and 1991), WPW 254 (Diana Dennis), WPW 397 (1999 Ms. Olympia) and Ray Martin 41 (Joanne Lee). See our WPWOnline video/DVD store for more information.
    We just got word as we were composing this that former IFBB Pro Shelley Beattie passed away on 2/13/08 at age 39. We will have a tribute for her in our April 2008 OnlineMagazine #17, which will featuring downloads of our two print magazines which had her on the cover- WPW Nov/Dec 1994 and WPP 1990 #3.

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March 2008 - New Releases: (click the names or picture below)

Video/DVD 717 - Sharee

We have known Sharee since the late 80's, when she began competing as Sharee Scadron. After taking many years off from the sport, she resurfaced a few years ago after her move to Pennsylvania. Being friends with Michelle Ivers, Sharee 'worked in' with Michelle on WPW Video/DVD 675 a couple of years ago, then again during the summer of 2007. Desiring 'her own' video release, we then had a full session with her in late 2007, and footage from both 2007 sessions are included here. Scenes include tandem gymwork with Michelle, then heavy solo gymwork for the second session, then alot of posing in several one-pieces and dresses, and interviews. Sharee is one of today's best examples of looking good off-season, as the 5'3" 165 pounder not only had huge muscle shapes (including 16" arms) but showed good definition and hardness, even at this weight. And, although she has not been competing much, she is a good poser with great camera presence-a most attractive physique with nicely groomed looks.  Video/DVD runs 2+ hours.


What can be said about Michelle which has not been said about 10 times before?? Together with Sharon Marvel and Melissa Coates, she is our most-often taped physique model. Her previous WPW videos (#281, 404, 555, 581 and 675) are all now on DVD, and we will transfer her Ray Martin videos (#93, 102, 111, 124 and 143) to DVD in time. For this summer 2007 session she was in top ripped shape as always...and, this work was done off-season !! At 5'4" 160 pounds she again shows off huge, defined and vascular development throughout, though she has always been known for her staggering upper body, particularly, her biceps. Michelle works out tandem with her friend 'Sharee" in the gym, then poses in a one-piece swimsuit and several dresses, and is interviewed. Michelle has been competing for 20 years now, and at age 50 she looks as good as ever!!  Video/DVD runs 90 minutes.
WPW-717 Sharee WPW-718 Michelle Ivers  



Michelle Ivers



The following are older VHS titles that are now available on DVD:

Video/DVD WPW104 - Tommie Moreau

Every year or so during the 1980's another 'state of the art' physique arrived on the scene...from Kay Baxter to Pillow to Sue Ann McKean to Renee Casella, etc...around 1987, Tommie Moreau arrived on the national scene, and we caught up with her twice in 1998 for two full photo/video sessions. In the summer, the Cohen Brothers did video work with her in top contest shape (ripped at 5'4" 150 pounds!) They used a camcorder so the picture is not as good as when we used our regular WPW video for the off-season work a few months later, but you clearly would want all footage included here. Tommie poses in many bikini/one-pieces and dresses showing off tremendous size, definition and vascularity which would put her among the best even 20 years later. In addition, she was a 'southern belle' who was very particular about her grooming, so it all adds up to one of the best physique models of all time. We did have one more session with her, which was on WPW Video 125 (with Eve Ripoli and some with Janice Ragain), but for some odd reason we deleted this video from catalogue- we will remaster it for DVD release in the future.  Video/DVD runs 2 hours.

Video/DVD WPW128 - Cyndie McGowan, Kelly Riley, Kay Reich, Tonya Knight, Karen Rodrigues, Valerie Basilone

These six women were taped in 1986/1987 when they were all in contest shape at the time of their shows. It seems odd now, but it appears that we had 1-2 hour sessions with each of them- posing in one swimsuit and 1-2 dresses, but with no interview. Anyway, this video has not been in catalogue for a long time but we are now offering it on DVD only as it gives the viewer an interesting idea of what most of the top women of  the time looked like- good level of muscularity with good definition (but not massive) with terrific grooming. Tonya Knight is by far the most famous of the six, as she had a short career as an IFBB pro, but the others competed for a few years, then dropped out. As a side note, Valerie Basilone is Julie McNew's (early-mid 80's...) sister.   DVD (only) runs 2 hours.

Video/DVD WPW207 - Leisa Campbell, Janice Ragain, Rhonda Lundstedt

We continue to release out-of-catalogue videos on to DVD (only) releases, featuring many top women from 15-25 years ago. Video 207 originally featured 1991 tapings with Campbell, Ragain, Lundstedt and Sharon Marvel, but we deleted Sharon's footage here as it is paired with one of her later video sessions. In the place of that, we have all of Campbell's footage from 1990, which was originally on WPW 181. At that point in time, Campbell was the least known of the women but easily the most muscular. The impressive Australian was not in the US for a contest, but was very lean and hard, with terrific development throughout, topped off by great looks. Her footage from both sessions runs about 80 minutes. For Janice, we still have her classic Video/DVD 177 in stock, but due to her popularity we did this work with her in 1991 when she was no longer competing, but was still in very good shape, particularly for her upper body, and shows it off in many one-piece and dress items. Janice's footage runs about 80 minutes also, and we have about 15 minutes with Rhonda posing in four different outfits (her full Video/DVD 188 is still in stock).  DVD (only) runs almost 3 hours.

Video/DVD WPW254 - Diana Dennis

Diana was one of our favorite physique subjects from the early 80's to late-90's as she combined her legendary lean physique, great grooming and innovative posing as well as anyone ever. In addition, she had a great sense of fashion, almost always providing her own eye-catching swimsuits and dresses. Her other WPW titles are still available- #116 on video-only at this time, but her #227 and 310 are on video and DVD. In addition, we have two of her Ray Martin titles on video only= RM 91 and 167. Since she was always in lean contest shape, we continued to ask her for an 'off season' look, and this was probably the only time we did work with her where she was not shredded, though at 5'8" 170 pounds, she was still remarkably lean for this October 1994 session. Knowing she had the reputation for being the best poser ever, we put her to a few challenges- posing in many different outfits to some unusual pop songs of the 60's in addition to her regular posing scenes. Interview also included.   Video/DVD runs 1 1/2 hours.

Video/DVD WPW397 - The 1999 Ms. Olympia

We normally did not tape this contest,  but in 1999 the Ms. O was held in conjunction with the Women's Extravaganza events. Twelve women competed for the sport's most prestigious title. In a sport where we often see women come and go, it is surprising that several of the women in this contest are still competing as a pro today, including Iris Kyle, Yaxeni Oriquen, Tazzie Colomb, Gayle Moher and Brenda Raganot. Others competing included Kim Chizevsky, Lesa Lewis, Laura Creavalle, Vicki Gates, Andrulla Blanchette and Laura Binetti. The full prejudging and evening finals are included. Video/DVD runs 1 1/2 hours.

Video/DVD RM41 - Joanne Lee

Our two WPW videos of Joanne (#243 and 283) will be available on DVD in the future, but here is a fun video of the British star posing in "British Invasion 1995", as a play on the 30th anniversary of the musical Brit Invasion. She poses in 'normal posing scenes' in a bikini, one-piece and dresses, but you will never know when she is about to hit the shots to some pieces of pop music from the past. Regarding Joanne, she is huge (about 5'8" 170) as usual, featuring a massive and defined physique even in her off-season shape, and while her physique was 'complete', she is known for her legendary upper body, particularly her biceps. Enjoy 'both' British invasions !    Video/DVD runs 70 minutes.

WPW-104 Tommie Moreau

WPW-128 McGowan, Riley, Reich, Knight, Rodrigues, Basilone

WPW-207 Campbell, Ragain, Lundstedt


Tommie Moreau


McGowan, Riley, Reich, Knight, Rodrigues, Basilone


Campbell, Ragain, Lundstedt

WPW-254 Diana Dennis WPW-397 The 1999 Ms. Olympia RM-41 Joanne Lee


Diana Dennis


1999 Ms. Olympia


Joanne Lee

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