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July 2007

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Dear Women's Physique World (WPW) Customer,

Check out WPWMagazineOnline Issue #8 (www.wpwmagazineonline.com) featuring two of our print magazines: the May 1992 WPW issue with Kim King on the cover and our WSP issue from January 1983 with Gladys Portugues on the cover. The King issue features the NPC 1991 Nationals, the 1983 AFWB National, 1991 NPC Ironmaiden, 1991 IFBB Caribbeans, 1991 NPC Extravaganza, 1991 IFBB World Amateurs, and bio's include Kim King, Carolyn Phillips, Meral Ertunc, and Jeannie St. Pierre. The WSP issue features bios on Gladys Portugues, Lena Kullberg and Jacque Spell. Contest coverage includes local/regional shows from the northeast and California. In addition, we have added addtional photos of Gladys Portugues. This month we also have 3 bios of current competitors Michelle Falsetta, Sara Bridges and Laura Mealey. Also, from this point on you can continue to checking back for more updates throughout the month as we will continue to make additional postings.

     In addition to the above OnlineMagazine offering for June we have three NEW video/DVD releases, and two older videos now on DVD for the first time, all of which are listed below. Don't forget, we are running a mail order special where if you order 5 or more DVD/Videos you can take 20% off. Please email womensphysiqueworld@gmail.com for specific instructions on how to take advantage of this special through eBay.

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July 2007 - New Releases: (click the names or picture below to link to eBay)

Video/DVD 699 - Michelle Falsetta

Michelle has been competing in her NYC area contests since the 90's and in recent years has also been placing high in national shows, including a top-five placement in the tough 2004 US Championships. We had this first photo/video session with her during the summer of 2007 and she was in her peak off-season shape at 5'4" 160 pounds, featuring good size and shapes throughout, but she is mostly famous for her 16" arms. Michelle does repwork in the gym, then hits the shots in a bikini and three dresses, and is interviewed.  Video/DVD runs 1 1/2 hours.

Video/DVD 700 - Eve Polmar & Katie Madden

We did our did our photo/video session with Eve in February 2007, when she was a spectator at the Arnold Classic. She competed in bodybuilding about 15-20 years ago, but now has the look of a very leanly developed figure woman, featuring a nicely chiseled upper body in particular. At 5'1" and 120 pounds she was in near-contest shape, featuring good figure muscularity, particularly in her back, chest, arms and calves. She hits the shots in a bikini and three dress items, and is interviewed. To fill out the release, we are using footage of Katie Madden taken in 2006 by Tom Nine- she is a 47 year old figure competitor with a physique similar to Eve's, and Katie poses in about 6 different bikini/dress outfits, with a short interview. Video/DVD runs 100 minutes.

Video/DVD 701 - Debbie Bramwell

Debbie has been one of our most photographed/taped competitor of this decade, and she is always in contest looking shape, even when off season, as she is here. She doesn’t need much of an introduction here, as she has been in the top 5-10 of many national shows over the past five or so years- she possesses a standout physique, featuring great arms, and being a pro hairdresser, she is always immaculately groomed. The new footage of her here was taken in 2006 and runs about an hour, featuring gymwork and posing in three other outfits. To fill out this release, we have added her full 2003 session from WPW 557, which up to now had not been on DVD. That session also featured gymwork and posing in five other outfits.  Video/DVD runs 2 1/2 hours.


Michelle Falsetta


Eve Polmar & Katie Madden


Debbie Bramwell

The following are older VHS titles that are now available on DVD:

WPW-119 Joanne McCartney

Joanne competed from the mid-80's through the early 90's, and although a totally complete physique, she was famously known for having the best calves ever. We had several sessions with her from 1987-1989 and the best footage from those is included here- lots of posing in many outfits, including great material in dresses and heels to show off the legs. Later video of Joanne is on WPW Video/DVD 176.  Video/DVD runs 2 3/4 hours.


WPW-176 Joanne McCartney

Our earliest material of Joanne is on WPW Video/DVD 119, and our second and last video of the British star was taped in 1990, when she was in her best overall shape ever- including size, shape and good looks. Lots of posing in dresses showing off the best calves ever in women's bodybuilding, and this video contains some fun 'camcorder' footage taken at an old railroad tunnel, as she hits the shots in swimsuits and dresses.  Video/DVD runs 2 1/2 hours.

WPW-220 Judy Moshkowski

Judy zoomed on to the national bodybuilding scene in 1992, when we had two video sessions with her, only to leave the sport shorty thereafter. But, for one year, she was among the best ever, sporting incredible development throughout and some of the best biceps ever. We had two full sessions with her, one in top contest shape, then one off-season session- lots of posing in many outfits, heavy gymwork and an interview.  Video/DVD runs 2 hours.

WPW-221 Sue Price & Robbie Bryant

Sue and Robbie competed in the early 90's, and we got both of them in contest shape and off season in 1992. Sue may have been the best lightweight ever that year, featuring a total state-of-the-art physique look at that year's USA, and she later competed as an IFBB pro. Robbie also looked great both in contest shape and off-season, but she stopped competing soon after this. Both women hit the shots in many swimsuits and dresses and are interviewed. Physique models at its best= national caliber physiques with killer looks, featuring facial beauty and very well groomed hair.  Video/DVD runs 2 3/4 hours.


Joanne McCartney


Joanne McCartney


Judy Moshkowski


Sue Price & Robbie Bryant

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