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January 2008

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Dear Women's Physique World (WPW) Customer,

This month's WPWMagazineOnline #14 (January 2008), features the following two print magazines: The January 1993 WPW print magazine (Kim Chizevsky on cover) featuring full coverage of the 1992 Junior Nationals, which featured Kim's big win as well as Mike Bogen's bio on her. Other contests features include the 1992 Teen, Collegiate, Masters Nationals, the 1992 North American (Kim won that one also), the NABBA Worlds and Nikki Fuller's big win in the '92 Jan Tana Pro show. Gina Mezzaroba/Hall and Christa Bauch also have photo/bios; The January/February 1987 issue of the Women's Physique Publication (Clare Furr on cover), which featured full coverage of the 1986 Ms. Olympia (great shots of Cory Everson, Clare Furr, Ellen Van Maris, Diana Dennis, Mary Roberts, Juliette Bergmann, Sue Ann McKean, Janice Ragain, Carla Dunlap, Bev Francis, Dominique Darde and others), the IFBB World Amateur (featuring many very top foreign competitors) and the 1986 Canadians (featuring some nice early shots of Negrita Jayde).
     In addition, we have two new WPW Video/DVDs for January- WPW 713 (featuring Kate Baird in contest shape and off-season) and WPW 714 (featuring figure competitor Nancy Fuentes). We also have four of our older videos now on DVD for the first time: WPW 114 (Joan Bovino), WPW 144 (Tara Dodane), WPW 155 (Kay Baxter) and WPW 178 (1988 Extravaganza Women's Strength Contest). Our entire WPW DVD inventory may be purchased by mail order at WPW, Box 443, Hohokus, NJ 07423, or, online by going to our new Online store at http://www.WPWMagazineOnline.com/store.html.
   Thank you, and see you next month when we feature the March 1992 WPW print magazine (Lenda Murray on cover) and the Sept/Oct 1983 WPP print magazine (with "Pillow" on the cover).


Starting this November, we now offer our FULL WPW DVD Inventory on our website www.wpwmagazineonline.com/store.html. You are now able to easily purchase WPW DVDs with cash, credit card or check by use of PayPal (no sign up necessary!). This new store allows you to add multiple items to your shopping cart for fast and easy shopping along with automatic combined shipping rates for multiple item purchases. Apurchased items will be sent as DVDs unless VHS is otherwise requested at the time of the order. Over the next few months, we will continue to add our full Ray Martin and Fitness Video Company DVD inventory to the store as well - so please check back for updates. Visit our store today to see January's Online Special!!

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January 2008 - New Releases: (click the names or picture below to link to eBay)

Video/DVD 713 Kate Baird

This is our second video for Kate, and it includes two contest-shape sessions and one in off-season shape. We have a short 10 minute segment taken of Kay at the time of the 2006 Nationals and 35 minutes more in contest shape (a very defined 150 pounds at 5'4") at the 2007 Masters Nationals. In October 2007, Kate was bulking up for an upcoming powerlifting meet, and at 172 pounds she was in very strong lifting shape. Her gymwork was one of the most impressive we have taped in quite some time, and featured a 275 bench for reps and very heavy dumbell work, including one arm rows with 190 pounds for reps. Kate hits the shots in several bikinis and many dress items, including doing the off-season posing on location in New Castle, Delaware, where we taped Diana Dennis 20 years ago. Interview included.   WPW Video/DVD 713 runs 2 hours.


We met Nancy at the 2007 Jan Tana contest, where Nancy won the overall title in the Amateur Figure event. This photo/video session was done in late 2007 when she was in off-season shape, but the attractive figure model showed good figure muscularity, particularly in her back and thighs, and also has great calves. She never posed 'bodybuilding style' before, but caught on quickly and hit the shots like a pro in her bikini and a few dresses. The 5'1" 125 pounder started off doing reps in the gym but finished off doing some impressive curls. Footage of her from the Tana show, and an interview are also included- hard to believe this Jerseyan is 41 years old!!  WPW Video/DVD 714 runs 100 minutes.
WPW-713 WPW-714  

Kate Baird


Nancy Fuentes



The following are older VHS titles that are now available on DVD:

Video/DVD 114 - Joan Bovino

Joan was another of a long line of 'comets', who for a couple of years had a 'state of the art' physique, then disappeared from the competitive scene during her prime. We had two session with her in December 1988 when she was in top contest shape- the first hour features good quality camcorder work with her in the gym, the day after her contest, and the rest was done two weeks later with our regular professional equipment, and she remained ripped. She hits the shots in a bikini, one-piece and six dress items, and is interviewed. One stage routine is also included. Joan was as good as there was then, and looking at the photos now (including remarkable lower body size and cuts...rare then...) there is no doubt she could win a national contest 20 years later. Great physique and great looks for this Long Island, New Yorker !!  Video/DVD 114 runs 2 hours.

Video/DVD 144 - Tara Dodane

Tara was a top national competitor during the late 90's, and we had several photo/video session with her in contest shape and off season. This was released as a 'Tara Compilation' video, as it took the best footage from her two earlier released videos. Tara placed high in a few national contests, and was a photographer-favorite based on her high quality physique and wholesome good looks (she was a kindergarten teacher!!). Footage includes posing in many outfits during our 1986, 1987 and 1988 sessions, and an interview. In addition to being a most attractive physique model, she was also very strong, competing in the 1987, 1988 and 1989 Extravaganza Strength contests. The 1989 Strength Contest is available as DVD 154 (4 hours), and we will have all other strength contests on DVD in the future. Video/DVD 144 runs 2 hours.

Video/DVD 155 - Kay Baxter

Simply put, Kay was the best, and most popular, woman bodybuilder of the early-mid '80s. We had numerous photo/videos sessions with her from 1979-1986, and the best of her material is here, culled from earlier video releases. We did not get our real video equipment til late 1984, so the footage we shot nearly every year from 1979-1984 is Super 8 film transfer. Kay (and Cory Everson) was the first two women we did real video work with (at the 1984 Olympia), so that and the 1986 footage was real video. In addition, we have some camcorder of Kay from 1985, shot by one of her fans. Kay was 'before her time' in many ways, but one was her ability to pose for the camera without being prompted, so you will enjoy her posing in many, many bikinis, one-pieces and dress items here. Kay is interviewed and we also have two 'tribute collages' for her, one in video,the other a photo collage, which were done after her untimely death in a car crash in 1988. Video/DVD 155 runs a full 3 hours.

Video/DVD 178 - 1988 Extravaganza Women's Strength Contest

Wally Boyko ran his 'Superbowl of Strength' contests from 1983-1986 in California, and when Wally moved on to fitness shows, NJ promoters Ken Kassel and Bob Bonham began running the 'Women's Extravaganza Strength and Physique Contests' nearly every year from 1987 to about 2003. This is the third Extravaganza Strength show now available on DVD, the other two being WPW DVD 154 (1989) and WPW Video/DVD 463 (2001). Other strength shows available on video only include WPW 178, 202, 223, 240, 263, 313, 359 and 401. WPW 86 (1987 show) and 110 (1988) are no longer available on video, but we will put on to DVD in the future.
     This 1990 Strength show features 16 top competitve women competing against each other for chinups, dips, barbell curls, squats, bench pressing and the battery lift. The contestants included Mimi Hitzman, Karin Mitchell, Cathey Compton-Smith, Julia Kover, Kris Luebke, Tazzie Colomb, Joan Lauth, Kim Robinson, Cheryl Rath-Rivers, Lori Grannis, Maro Bchakjian, Caroline Krakower, Victoria Walker and Tarus Burns. Sharon Marvel is massive as a bodybuilding guest poser.  Video/DVD runs 2 3/4 hours.






Joan Bovino


Tara Dodane


Kay Baxter


1988 Extravaganza Strength

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