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February 2008

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Dear Women's Physique World (WPW) Customer,

This month's WPWMagazineOnline Issue #15 (February 2008) features the full reproduction of the March 1992 WPW print magazine (Lenda Murray on cover) and the Women's Physique Publication (WPP) print magazine, with "Pillow" on the cover.The Murray issue features full coverage of Lenda's 2nd Ms. O win in a row at the 1991 event, Tracy Gillispie's win at the 1991 Junior Nationals and Sharon Bruneau's victory at the 1991 North Americans, allowing her to turn pro. Full photo/bios for Sue Price, Laurie Fierstein, Judy Moshkoski, Robbie Bryant, Yolanda Hughes and Astrid Falconi are also included. The 'Pillow' issue features her win in the 1983 Gold's Classic (with great shots of Alison Brundage, Karen Marin, Dawn Marie Gnaegi, Lindy Champion, Lori Okama and others) and Candy Caldwell and Cory Everson's wins in the Bodybuilding Expo. Also featured are Lori Bowen's win in the 1983 U.S. Championships and coverage of many other local/regional shows, with early photos of Gladys Portugues, Linda Wood-Hoyte, Elaine Craig, Lynne Pirie, Julie McNew and many others. In addition, info is provided on how to order Larry Agron's impressive calendar for 2008
     In addition, we have two new video/DVD titles for February: WPW 715 features two sessions with Vickie Nixon in top contest shape, and WPW 716 features Kim Birtch in huge off-season shape, together with the full WPW video 365 of Judy Serpa, which is on DVD for the first time. Older video titles on DVD for the first time include WPW 209 (Kris Luebke), WPW 211 (Janet Tech), WPW 212 (Paula Bircumshaw/Janelle Ennis), WPW 219 (Kim Chizevsky/Gina Mezzaroba/Hall) and Ray Martin 113 (Donna Bramble) and RM 164 (Beatte Drabing). Guide photos and other ordering info included on the home page.
     See you next month with full reproductions of the May/June WPP print magazine (Renee Casella on cover) and the Jan/Feb 1989 WPP with Julia Kover on cover.

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February 2008 - New Releases: (click the names or picture below)

Video/DVD 715 - Vicki Nixon

We have had three prior video sessions with Vickie(WPW 613, 655 and 693), and it seems that this will be our final one with her, as she may have to retire from the sport. We had two sessions with her for this video, in May 2007 when she was slightly off season (but well defined), then 6 weeks later when she competed in the 2007 Jan Tana Pro contest, when she was ripped at 5'2" 125 pounds. Footage includes repwork in the gym, posing in a bikini and four dress items, and interviews. Based on a great looking physique and glamorous looks and hair (hard to believe she is pushing 50??) Vickie has been one of our favorite physique models over the past few years and she will be missed by the sport.  Video/DVD 715 runs 80 minutes.


This was our second session with Kim (she is also on WPW 679) and she was again in her huge off-season condition at 5'4" 165 pounds. Her gymwork contains some repwork and some strong lifts, including 100+ pound curls and racking the lat pulldown machine. The Ontario (Canada) Provincial Champ then shows off her 16" arms in a bikini and three dress items and is interviewed. Her footage runs about 80 minutes, so we added all of WPW Video 365 of Judy Serpa, which had not been on DVD yet. Judy's footage was from 1998 and shows her in similar off-season shape, posing in several outfits, doing heavy gymwork (including her performance in that year's Extravaganza Strength Show) and an interview.   Video/DVD 716 runs 2 3/4 hours.
WPW-715 WPW_716  

Vicki Nixon


Kim Birtch & Judy Serpa



The following are older VHS titles that are now available on DVD:

Video/DVD WPW209 - Kris Luebke

Kris was one of the best combinations of physique, strength and looks back around 1990. We had a total of five sessions with her from 1989-1993, and the best footage from 1989-1992 forms this 'compilation' video with her. Her last session in 1993 will be released in the future. The 1989 footage shows her in top contest shape and for the other three years she is in massive off-season shape at 5'7" 180 pounds. Her legendary gymwork is included here (300+ pound bench presses, 200 pound barbell curls, 1400 pound leg presses, etc), then lots of posing in many outfits, and interviews. In contest shape, she was one of the very best of her time, and off-season, one of the strongest, all coupled with great blonde looks.  Video/DVD 209 runs 2 3/4 hours.

Video/DVD WPW211 - Janet Tech

Each time we had a release for Janet we would say 'sometimes good things come in small packages', as at that time, Janet was one of the smaller women we did work with, usually at 5'2" and around 115-125 pounds. We have two full videos for her (WPW 247 will be released on DVD in the future, but the video is available), and this one features the best footage from four different sessions from 1987, 1988 and 1991, and all but one was in top contest shape. Janet was petite for the time, but did win her class in the Nationals and did turn IFBB pro- she featured very good detail in her upper body, and great calves. No gymwork included, but lots of posing in many bikinis and dresses, including a nice 'camcorder' session with her by a mountain stream for the last session. Interview included.  Video/DVD 211 runs 2 3/4 hours.

Video/DVD WPW212 - Paula Bircumshaw & Janelle Ennis

Paula was 'state of the art' at the time of the 1992 Ms. International, where she was a very cut and muscular 5'7" 155 pounder, and many fans still remember the controversy surrounding her low placement at that show, which most thought she should have won. We had only this one session with the British Champ, featuring posing in a bikini and three dress items (and interview) the day after the show, and gymwork which was done by another videographer the following week. She displays very dense muscularity throughout, but a special nod to unreal upper body shots- biceps, triceps, chest and back. Her footage runs 70 minutes, with the remaining 50 minutes for the local Pennsylvanian, Janelle Ennis, who poses in several outfits. Jan was a real 'ham' in the video, which actually led to the formation of the Ray Martin Company, which taped the women in theme/story plot videos. This footage of Jan is on Ray Martin #1, along with more footage taken of her just for the Ray Martin tape, which is not shown here.   Video/DVD 212 runs 2 hours.

Video/DVD WPW219 - Kim Chizevsky & Gine Mezzaroba-Hall

Fans of the sport know Kim as a Ms. Olympia title holder, and we met her at her 'breakout' show- the 1992 Junior Nationals, where she displayed a very developed and hard physique at 5'8" 150 pounds. We taped her footage the day after the show, so we have no gymwork, but Kim poses in three outfits and is interviewed. Her footage runs 40 minutes, then Gina Hall fills out the rest of the tape, which includes ripped contest-shape (5'4" 120) posing at the show, then more posing, gymwork and interview a few days later at her gym in Delaware, at about 130 pounds. Gina was not as big as Kim, but still featured a very attractive, ripped, vascular physique with attractive facial beauty- her calves were as impressive as her chiseled upper body. Kim went on to a full career as an IFBB pro- Gina continued as a top amateur for a few years, before retiring.  Video/DVD 219 runs 2 hours.

Video/DVD RM113 - Donna Bramble

Donna was living in the NYC area when she was winning local/regional shows in the mid-90's. And, as for so many others, Donna arrived on the scene abrubptly, impressing judges and fans alike, then disappeared just as quickly. This was our only RM session with her (she also appears on WPW Video 288, though not on DVD yet) and she was in top contest shape, featuring a fantastic overall look, with perhaps the deepest 8-pack of abs at that time. In addition, she was noted for incredible bicep peaks, both for front bicep and rear bicep shots.  This is a pure posing tape, with Donna hitting the shots in two bikinis, one dress and two lingerie items.   RM Video/DVD 113 runs 1 hour.

Video/DVD RM164 - Beatte Drabing

This was alternately titled as "The REAL Austrian Oak", as a play-on-words reference to Arnold, as Beatte was an IFBB pro from Austria. This was our only session with her (her WPW 341 is still available on video, not on DVD yet) and she was in terrific contest shape as she poses in a nice array of bikinis and dresses. The black haired-blue eyed beauty shows off high level muscularity, featuring terrific arm, chest, back and calve shots in particular.  RM Video/DVD 164 runs 1 hour.


Kris Luebke


Janet Tech


Kim Chizevsky & Gine Mezzaroba-Hall


Donna Bramble


Beatte Drabing


Paula Bircumshaw & Janelle Ennis

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