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December 2007

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Dear Women's Physique World (WPW) Customer,

This month's WPWMagazineOnline Issue #13, features the following three WPW print publications: the Winter 1984 WPW print magazine (Lori Bowen on cover), featuring contest coverage of the 1984 European Championships, and photo/bios for Tawnya Herman, Janice Ragain, Mae Mollica, Kathy Moore, Marianne Duffy and Marjo Selin, among other features; the Women's Physique Publication Issue #1 of 1991 (Kim Robinson on cover) featuring the 1990 Iron Maiden and 1991 LA Championships, and photo/bios for Tommie Moreau, Sharyn Eckel, Jan Harrell, Kim Robinson, "Leilani", Denise Rutkowski, Claudia Profanter, Tara Dodane, Chris Clausen, Tonya Knight, among other coverage; the 'WASP' print magazine from October 1979. This issue of this print magazine, which later became "WPP", was 12 pages, and featured the famous 'Lisa Lyon' contest, otherwise correctly known as the First World Championships- also included are 2 pages for the show promoted in Canton,Ohio, in 1979, showing rare photos of the sport's first champ, Gina LaSpina.

Next month WPWMagazineOnline.com will feature reproductions of the WPW January 1993 print magazine (Kim Chizevsky on cover) and the Jan/Feb 1987 WPP print magazine, with Clare Furr on the cover.

In addition, our NEW Video/DVD titles for December include: WPW 711, which features new contest-shape material for Gerri Deach and Julia Stamper, and the full WPW Video 510 of Sondra Faas; WPW 712 features new contest shape material of Klaudia Larson. Older videos now on DVD for the first time include WPW 85 (Hannie Van Aken), WPW 448 (Heather Hulseberg-Lee), WPW 483 (Shannon Rabon) and Ray Martin 161 (which also includes RM 92), featuring Yolanda Hughes and Renita Harris. All videos may be purchased by mail order at WPW, Box 443, Hohokus, NJ 07423, or, you can order online by going to our new Online store at http://www.WPWMagazineOnline.com/store.html.


Starting this November, we now offer our FULL WPW DVD Inventory on our website www.wpwmagazineonline.com/store.html. You are now able to easily purchase WPW DVDs with cash, credit card or check by use of PayPal (no sign up necessary!). This new store allows you to add multiple items to your shopping cart for fast and easy shopping along with automatic combined shipping rates for multiple item purchases. As with our eBay store, all purchased items will be sent as DVDs unless VHS is otherwise requested at the time of the order. Over the next few months, we will continue to add our full Ray Martin and Fitness Video Company DVD inventory to the store as well - so please check back for updates. Visit our store today !!


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December 2007 - New Releases: (click the names or picture below to link to eBay)

Video/DVD 711 Gerri Deach, Julia Stamper and Sondra Faas

We have had full sessions with Gerri before, and one short segment with Julia- here, we pair footage of the two taken in top contest shape during 2007. We did our work with Gerri (47 years old!) at the Masters Nationals and at 5'4" 150 pounds she continues to display her well-known size and definition while posing in a bikini and four dress outfits. Gerri's footage runs 50 minutes and includes an update interview. Due to 115 degree heat in Vegas, we had to keep Julia's session brief, so her 25 minutes here has her posing in great shape in a bikini and dress, and short interview. To fill this release out, we have added all of Sondra Faas' Video 510, which is now on DVD for the first time. Sondra works out very heavy in the gym, poses in three outfits and includes a stage routine and interview.  WPW Video/DVD 711 runs 2 3/4 hours.


This was our third full photo/video session with the Swedish star in the past two years- her other videos/DVD are WPW 683 and 690. She was in top contest shape for this session in 2007, and despite a mostly rainy day, we were able to do most of the posing outdoors in good lighting. She starts off with extensive repwork in the gym, then hits the shots in a bikini and three dress items and is interviewed. She displays a complete physique,but is rightfully known for her incredibly peaked biceps, and we have some very nice footage of her rear bicep shots in a tight white dress.  Video/DVD 712 runs 1 1/2 hours.
WPW-711 WPW-712  

Gerri Deach, Julia Stamper and Sondra Faas


WPW-712 Klaudia Larson



The following are older VHS titles that are now available on DVD:

Video/DVD 85 Hannie Van Aken

Hannie appeared on the Dutch scene in the mid-80's and was quite a fan-favorite as she was one of the first women to feature alot of size. We had three photo/video sessions with Hannie, and the first two from 1985 and 1986 are included here (a later session is on WPW video 186= we will put that on DVD in the future also). Hannie was off season (about 5'5" 170 pounds, 17" arms) for the 1985 session, which was done by camcorder in Europe. She came to the states in 1986 at a leaner and more defined condition, when we were able to do gymwork also. Other scenes include Hannie posing in bikinis and many dress items for both years, and an interview. WPW Video/DVD runs 2 hours.

Video/DVD 448 Heather Hulseburg Lee

Heather was competing in 'bikini' contests in the late 90's before deciding to do figure/fitness shows around 2000. It did not take her long to get into very good fitness shape, and we had our first session with her late 2000, when she was in lean, off season shape. She did 'strength challenge' gymwork tandem with Debbie Auer then posed in a bikini and two dresses. In the spring of 2001 she was in very good contest shape and hit the shots in two bikinis and three more dresses, and was interviewed. Heather was in her very early 20's at this time, and subsequent videos of her (WPW 475 and 525 will be on DVD in the future, and WPW 625 is on DVD now) show her morphing into one of the best bodybuilders/powerlifters in those sports.  WPW Video/DVD runs 2 3/4 hours.

Video/DVD 483 Shannon Rabon

We had three photo/video sessions with Sharon during 2001 and 2002- one in contest shape (5'1" 120 pounds) and two off season when she was at about 140 pounds. Shannon reminded us of Sharon Marvel facially and displayed an evenly developed physique which notched her a 2nd placing in the 2001 USA. Scenes include gymwork during her 2002 footage and posing in many bikinis and dresses, with interview, for all three sessions. We had one later video session with her- WPW Video 501, which we plan to put on DVD in the future. WPW Video/DVD 483 runs 2 1/2 hours.

Ray Martin Video/DVD RM161Renita Harris & Yolanda Hughes

This is now a 'new' RM 161, as it features the entire RM 92 and RM 161. In RM 92, top national star Yolanda Hughes is doing a posing video and Renita stops by to watch. The videographer encourages Renita to join in on some tandem dress posing after she watches Yolanda hit the shots in several outfits. Moving to RM 161, Renita is now the featured star- she is in very lush- and lean- off season shape, and the 130 pound fitness star shows off some of the most astounding lifts ever for a fitness woman of her size, including repping out with 400 pounds for squats and 1000 pound leg presses. Posing scenes follow, then more posing with her a few months later in contest shape are also included.  RM Video/DVD 161 now runs 2 hours.






Hannie Van Aken


Heather Hulseburg-Lee


Shannon Rabon


Renita Harris & Yolanda Hughes

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Strong & Shapely Fitness Contest


Amelia Hernandez & Yaxeni Oriquen


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