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Women's Physique World (WPW) has been publishing print magazines and taking videos and photos since the late 1970's. All of our videos are now available on this ONLINE STORE in DVD format only - we no longer sell video tapes. In addition to our list of DVD listing in chronological/numerical order, please see below our NEW list of DVDs in alphabetical order by the physique model's last name. Regarding the two print magazines we published: you can now download all of the WPW magazines, and the 'real' print magazines are still available from mid-1996 through our last magazine in 2006. For our other women's bodybuilding magazine, known as WASP/WSP/WPP, none of the magazines are available in print form, but all from 1980 through 1991 can be downloaded now.
In addition to being able to purchase our DVDs in this store, we have begun to offer VIDEO DOWNLOADS and those titles from about #500 on are now available. We continue to work backwards and will offer new ones for download every couple of months. Read below for more info.

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New & Upcoming Releases:
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WPW Videos:
WPW has been producing videos since 1979 and all of them are available now as DVDs. The earliest videos were transferred from Super 8 silent films, then we started using 'real' video late 1984. We now have more than 760 titles which includes many bodybuilding, fitness, figure and strength contests. For the DVDs of individual women, the footage includes bodybuilding posing in bikinis, one-pieces and dresses, and nearly all contain gymwork (maximum lifts or repwork) and interviews. Please read the text for each title for more specific information on the exact content of the DVD. Note that we sell DVDs only now, we no longer produce video cassettes.

Moving into 2013, we continue to release a new WPW DVD every few months, and we also have begun to offer our DVDs as VIDEO DOWNLOADS on this site.

NOTE: We have all the WPW DVDs in stock except for WPW 145 of Rhonda Lundstedt - if anyone still has a copy of the original video, please contact us.

WPW Compilation DVDs:

We have a total of 27 titles (2 each for WPW Compilation 11 and 15= 29 titles total) which feature footage taken from full length DVDs through 1995. Most of the compilations feature 5-10 different women posing in contest shape in bikinis. A few others contain dress posing scenes only and WPW 15-1 and 15-2 features the strongest women lifting heavy in the gym. View the full list of compilation DVDs with descriptions here.

Ray Martin DVDs:
The WPW staff did not tape these, but we have always been the primary distributors for the 228 Ray Martin titles. The content is very similar to the WPW DVDs, but many have 'story lines' or 'plots' to go along with the posing scenes. Some of the plots contain gymwork, but interviews are informal. View the full list of Ray Martin DVDs with descriptions here.

Fitness Video Company DVDs:
The WPW staff taped a few of these, but most were done by another videographer, and again, WPW has been the primary distributor. The DVDs show fitness/figure women posing 'bodybuilding style' in swimsuits and dresses, with some gymwork and/or interviews.  A few contests are also available.  View the full list of Fitness Video Company DVDs here.

Video Downloads:
We started offering 'video downloads' for our WPW titles about 2 years ago. As of early 2013 most or all of our videos from about #500 on are now available as downloads. We continue to offer about 10 new downloads every few months, working backwards until we get to WPW #1. We will offer Compilations, Fitness Company and Ray Martin downloads at some point in the future.




WPW published three different print magazines and one book from the late 70's through 2006. Women's Physique World (WPW) was our newsstand magazine, published from 1984 through 2006. We still have the original print magazines available from mid-1996 issues through the last one in the Spring of 2006, and you can order them from our online store, see below. In addition, all of the WPW issues are now available as 'downloads' so you can read them online or print them out.
Our other magazine (called WASP, WSP, WPP and Women's Physique Publication) was subscription only. We do not have any of the original print magazines available for sale, but all of the issues from 1990 through our last issues in 1991 are now available as 'downloads' also.
In addition, we published one book in 1984 called 'The Female Physique Athlete - A History Through 1983" and we still have the original book for sale as well as the 'download'. Book features photos and contest histories of most of the national women who competed at that time, among other chapters.
Finally, we published five 'Strong and Shapely' magazines, named after our friend Bob Bonham's gym. Bob has owned  the Strong and Shapely gym in East Rutherford, NJ, since the early 80s and we did many of our photo and video sessions there.  The first 4 print magazines are gone, but the last one is still available in original form. All 5 are available as 'downloads'. See below for links to purchase the original print copies and downloads:

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